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31 October 2015

9 Things You Will Never Change About Your Man


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It’s female nature to hope to change the men they love. Ask any girl and she will tell you that falling in love with a bad guy is not a problem because she believes she will influence him in a positive way and with her help, he will become a good guy. There are also some situations in which a woman turns a blind eye to some of her man’s flaws expecting that he’ll get rid of this or that shortcoming or habit. Indeed, sometimes love changes men for the better. However, there are certain qualities that can never be eradicated no matter what influence a woman has on her man. Here are some of those things.
9 Things You Will Never Change About Your Man

(Bad) habits
Partners must accept each other’s habits since it’s one of the prerequisites of a happy marriage. Women should realize that it’s possible to control a man, it’s possible to preach him, but it’s never possible to make him totally give up his habits and routines. If a man followed his wife’s directions and managed to refuse alcohol or stop chewing loudly, it’s indicative of his will-power. There is no guarantee he won’t re-adopt the habit.

Sense of style
The prevailing majority of men don’t put much emphasis on their clothes. Fashion is of no consequence to them. They buy those clothes they like and feel comfortable in. They have their own sense of style that is usually hard to correct. Some women try to cultivate a good sense of style or just a sense of appropriateness in their men by choosing clothes for them on their own. But when men choose clothes without their women, they follow their old preferences.

Relations with his mother
If a man is very close with his mother, it’s unlikely he will change after a wedding. And it doesn’t depend on how his wife will try to substitute his mother. If a woman ties the knot with the mummy’s boy, she should deal with the constant presence of her mother-in-law. That is why most women try to avoid “mother’s darlings”. The girls from http://romancecompass.com/catholic-dating-site/ prefer to stay away from such men.

If a man is a football fan, he’ll keep his passion for the rest of his life. It’s a very important part of his life that he won’t give up because of your disapproval. The only way out is to take it easy and try to share his passion.

Man’s attitude to the future and family is virtually impossible to change too. You can’t make your man want to have children if he is not ready for it. Persuading him to delay becoming parents while he is dreaming about it is not an easy task. Your partner may agree with you, but deep down, he will stick to his own opinion.

Your man will reveal his neatness already in the beginning of the relationship. That is why you should look at your partner and decide whether you are OK with his level of tidiness. Keep in mind that he will not change. He is a mature personality, not a kid whose habits you can reform.

All men are liars. This is something bred in the bone. They regularly resort to white lies and for a good reason – they do it to cheer their women up. However, if you detected a serious lie, be sure your partner will lie again. If a liar says he will never lie again, would you believe?

Male friendship is stronger and more close-knit than the friendship between women. He can’t stop seeing his buddies just because you don’t want him to. That is why you just accept the presence of his friends in his life. You should get to know them better – they are nice guys, probably.

 According to psychologists, rudeness is something that shouldn’t be tolerated and forgiven. If your man is rude to you or even lifts his hand against you, stop waiting for him to change. Even if a husband apologizes and repents sincerely, deep down, he believes that behavior is a norm, which means it will happen again.

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