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28 August 2016

Get started with Shooptomydoor to solve your US adsense issues and much more

Making online purchases is not the case as many people are making purchase transaction with many companies which offers their product services online through advertising and referral links matters but how to get your product in time. 
The must popular site which offer this kind of service is Jumia which is actually the most popular online shop making in Nigeria and its reliable as far as online transaction is concerned but believe me that jumia is limited why because they cannot help you deliver things you buy from other companies only if they are partnering with those companies.

Many are facing such a difficulties in getting their goods delivered as a result of inability to get a confirmed and reliable delivery company service, especially if the goods bought are from America USA and other foreign countries.

Benefits of Shoptomydoor

  • The greatest benefit of shoptomydor is the it can help me collect any kind of product from any company in America, china, and any other foreign country.
  • Shoptomydoor can also help you collect your google adsense verification pin via your US address and send it to you via your mail address.
  • Its also fast, simple, trusted and reliable way of delivering any kind of product from America to Nigeria.


How to get started with shoptomydoor

  • Then fill the forms provide as shown below:
  •  Fill and proceed

  •  After filling the above information you will be given three (3) free address to help you deliver your good or google verification PIN as shown bellow:

  •  Finally your account is created successfully

You are finally there enjoy.

Learn how to use shoptomydoor and get US Google Adsense account HERE.

Thanks for reading.
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