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24 July 2016

Introducing The Latest GTBank SMS Banking which allows you to Perform Transaction using Mobile Phone

As i used to say, development is coming in every section and part of every sector as a result of technological improvement and advancement in both telecommunication part and banking sector which is welcomed development, why because it simplify activities and field of solving issues, example of this development in the telecommunication field are rampant as you can Chat with MTN customer care LIVE to resolve your queries, so also in the banking sector you can Chat with GTBank Customer Care online to Solve your Banking Problems.

GTbank introduced another convenient way of solving inquires and also performing transaction via your mobile phone using SMS this new development is called "Bank on the go", The new GT SMS Banking allows you operate basic banking services through your mobile phone via SMS messaging, so also with this new SMS Banking.


Using this latest SMS banking you can:
  • Check your account balances on the go 
  • Request for Account Number Confirmation 
  • Subscribe to GeNS 
  • Balance Enquiry 
  • Purchase Airtime 
  • Reset Internet Banking Password 
  • Block your lost, stolen or compromised card
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Please note the following while using Gtbank SMS banking:
  1. Use your telephone number that is registered with the bank Any request sent with the wrong format or from the wrong mobile number will return with error messages. 
  2. NUBAN - Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number and is usually in ten digit 
  3. 08076665555 is the only number you can send your account details to so take note of this (Please be aware of scammers)


  • For Airtime Purchase: Send “Network Amount (NUBAN Account Number’) to 08076665555 
E.g MXX 1000 0123456789 to 08076665555
  • For Balance Enquiry: Send “Balance (NUBAN Account Number).” to 0807666555
E.g Balance 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • For Account Number Confirmation – Send ‘My Account’ to 08076665555
E.g My Account to 08076665555

  • For GeNS subscription: Send “Gens (NUBAN Account Number)” to 08076665555
E.g Gens 0123456789 to 08076665555
  • For Internet Banking Password Reset – Send ibank (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555 
E.g iBank 0123456789 to 08076665555

  • To block your lost, stolen or compromised card - Send 'HOTLIST ( NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555 
E.g HOTLIST to 08076665555



  1. Safety: Safe and secure means of banking transactions 
  2. Convenience: No more queues in confirming account balances 
  3. Accessibility: This service can be accessed from anywhere in the world and you can perfectly use it even with the absence of your ATM card

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5 July 2016

How to Sign Up and Receive Your payoneer Mastercard at home with a reward of $25 free

Working online to make money is very nice and also acceptable by any law worldwide, Money is very essential in human life especially bloggers in the field of internet, which i do believe many website owners especially bloggers are just blogging to get some cash which actually led to the downfall of bloggers.

well not working with any internet payable company and earn cash online matters, but how to get paid while leaving in Nigeria without any stress is the case. so as from today henceforward i do believe that, getting paid online is simple and easy as a result of the introduction of Payoneer.

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is also a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard worldwide which accept payment world wide through any means of payment.

Let me introduce to you the number one accepted  online money transfer and e-commerce payment services talking of Payoneer and also how to get its master-card while staying in Nigeria with $25 instant bonus if you received $100 payment from any company.

How to Get payoneer Mastercard with Instant reward of $25 for free

  • Make sure you have a NIN number as contain on your national ID.
  • Working email (Gmail,yahoomail e.t.c.)
To Activate & Get Instant reward of $25 

It is simple just follow the bellow link and you are good to go.

Fill the form as provided then, after the account opening you will be given $25 instantly as reward when you receive $100.

Advise: computer is more preferable for the account opening considering the network problem.

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Note: after proper activation of your account and successful account opening, you will received a mail via your email address informing you on the date of the arrival of your master-card to the residential address given to them by you during the registration process, then after that you would be asked to activate your card which is done online via your account username and password on their website, and its the final stage then you are good to go

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12 April 2016

Why GTbank *737# service Menu is not Secured. A MUST READ

You may be amazed why a mere Blogger will be complaining about the banking security system of one of the best nigerian Banks. Well everybody has a different preconceived notion regarding different point of view as how someone view a situation. GTbank is one of the best nigerian bank in providing quality and efficient service to its customers more especially by introducing the *737# menu to allow its customers perform different kind of transaction like recharging your phone, paying your bills and opening an account with them and many more (check HERE).

Nowadays online transaction are much as everybody engage himself one way or the other to buy something online or perform a certain transaction with his bank account and with *737# Menu you can easily transfer money from someone bank account to your bank account directly by just using the last four (4) digits of his ATM card.
Be conscious when using *737# to perform transaction


This post was not associated with GTbank or its associates and its not written to detriment the image of GTbank but to make you aware of some security flaw and a solution to make your banking transaction simple and safer.

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How *737# Code works with GTbank

This is a service menu that is used by any Gtbank customer to buy airtime, pay your nepa or DSTv bill, send airtime to friends, transfer money from your account directly to any other Gtbank customer or to other banks respectively. When you just dial *737# with the phone number you used in opening the account it will show up a menu of different transactions, assuming you want to transfer money to a friend, then what you need to do is just to select 4 and fill the requisite field available, after completing everything you need to use your last four (4) digits of your ATM card to authenticate the transaction. Basically you can notice that the last four (4) digits of your ATM card is the backbone of this transaction and without it *737# Menu is useless.

Unfortunate Situation

You have a GTbank account with huge amount of money inside and unfortunately for you someone inside your Office, family or a workaround friend is pretending to be a good Samaritan to you thereby given him access to your phone or your ATM card thinking that all is well. That mole within you can be able to memorize the last four (4) digits of your ATM card at a glance and whenever he is opportune to have access to your phone, he can easily transfer money to his bank account within couple of minutes and even thereby deleting the alert messages available on your phone, you can not be able to notice the transaction at the spot unless you are like me in collecting bank statement every month, which unfortunately for you and fortunately for him you are being frauded easily.

How to Protect Yourself from being Scam

Well haven't notice of the loophole is for you to know and be aware the kind of security counter measure you should check and implement to make sure that the unfortunate circumstance in the above paragraph never occurs. For those using Android phone i can recommend you to use Applock (download HERE)  in securing most of your Application especially the "phone" where someone dials a number or if you using another device that cannot support Applock you can always lock the phone using the security feature provided by the manufacturer of the device and still in some cases someone will remove your sim and put it on other device, in this case you are also mandated to enable sim card lock on your SIM as its best way for this.

Not only that, your ATM card is a great asset to you and you need to make it confidential by not disclosing it to anybody especially if you suspecting someone of a similar behaviour. Dont allow many people to get a hold of you ATM card even for a glance.

My Recommendation to GTbank

Gtbank engineers might not be aware of this certain security flaw but am using this platform as means of recommending a new secret password/PIN to be introduced for proper execution of the *737# service Menu i.e. one has to cram his password/PIN thereby not telling anybody as in similar to ATM card PIN which i believe will be difficult for anyone to guess and to discontinue the use of ATM last four (4) digits PIN.


Security is an illusion, weather you are using any other commercial bank in nigeria or abroad you have to be always vigilant and take counter measures in securing your banking details because anything that has advantage also have its disadvantage.

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16 February 2016

How to Chat with GTBank Customer Care online to Solve your Banking Problems

Everything is becoming easier and simple in terms of this technological development. Every company or banking sector or organization is adopting various online technique to promote its good and services. GTBank is also bringing out the most safe and convenient way to solve your banking problems by just chatting with them online. if you don't forget MTN and Etisalat also had this platform before to enable your solve your problems with them. Well, for GTbank is actually very simple and easy.
how to chat with gtbank online

How to Chat with GTBank Customer Care fast and Easy

Just get on to on your browser,
And then check the Right Bottom corner for the chat window and click on it to maximize and input your Name, E-mail, Phone number, subject and message to initiate the chat.

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Am waiting for other Banks like FirstBank and Zenith Bank to join the queue also

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28 August 2015

How to transfer money, buy airtime and pay your bills with your mobile phone without internet on GTbank and Firstbank

For some that are aware on the new improvement and the new feature added by the most prominent bank in the economic sector which is of great relevance to its esteemed customers. Do you know that you can pay your bills, transfer funds from your account to another, buy airtime from GTBank and firstbank respectively.
Now how can i transfer funds, pay my bill, buy airtime from my preferred network without using internet connection in line with GTbank and firstbank improvement respectively.
For FirstBank  
  • Access the service by dialling *894#
  • if your new to the service, initiate the process by registering with your bio data information and restart the process
  • to transfer fund dial *894# and select 1, dial *894# and select 2 to withdraw money, dial *894# and select 3 to make a purchase, dial *894# and select 4 to pay your bills, dial *894# and choose 5 to buy airtime, dial *894# and select 7 to manage your account.
For GTBank

  • for transfer to other banks dial *737*2*amount*NUBAN acc no# e.g *737*2*5000*1234567890#, you will be ask to enter the last 4 digit of your ATM card to authenticate the transaction
  • to purchase airtime dial *737*amount#
the code for gtbank is available to only gtbank customer with the phone number the registered the line with and has a daily minimum limit transation of N1000 and maximum of N20000
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