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26 June 2017

MTN Blackberry Data Plan Subscription

BlackBerry has good software back then but Android took over most of it applications which made BlackBerry drop.

MTN Blackberry Data Plan Subscription

BlackBerry Software secures, manages, and connects the Enterprise of Things via BlackBerry Secure. - United States.

BB Bundles (BBOS) (Normal Blackberry) :


#100 for 100MB data , valid for 24hours – Text BBCDAY to 21600

#500 for 500MB , valid for 1week. – Text BBCWEEK to 21600

#1,000 for 2GB data , Valid for 1month – Text BBCV to 21600

#100 for 100MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBDAY to 21600

#550 for 500MB – Valid for 1 week – Text BBWEEK to 21600

#1,500 for 2GB – Valid= for 30days – Text BIS to 21600

MTN BlackBerry 10 Data Plans


#3,000 for 1.5GB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMAXIM to 21600

#1,100 for 350MB – Valid for 7days – Text BBMAXIW to 21600

#200 for 50MB – Valid for 24 hours – Text BBMAXID to 21600

#1,500 for 500MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBMIDIM to 21600

#550 for 125MB – Valid for 7 days – Text BBMIDIW to 21600

#100 fo r15MB – Valid for 24hours – Text BBMIDID to 21600

#1,000 for 260MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEM to 21600

#350 for 70MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITEW to 21600

#70 for 10MB – Valid for 30days – Text BBLITED to 21600
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18 August 2016

Face Off Comparison Between Blackberry DTEK50 Vs Blackberry Priv

You all know that the era of blackberry Classic devices are actually over, gone are the days when you can't be able to browse with your blackberry phone without subscribing and if you can remember that subscription for blackberry devices was actually 3k. Well let mi not dig out the memories of Blackberry smartphone in other to avoid giving stories that touched the heart. Android was the worst enemies of blackberry and it punch blackberry OS devices out of the field like Floyd Mayweather which in turns make the Company joins the line in producing Android Smartphone.

Blackberry, when producing there Android Based-Smartphone has lay more emphasis on security making there phone as one of the most secure and private device one most have. Both Blackberry DTEK50 and blackberry Priv are high-end smartphone with a lot of amazing features even though Blackberry Priv is almost a year old in the market. Now lets see this face off comparison between the blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv and you gotta decide which one to go for and why.

Differences between Blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv


BlackBerry DTEK50: 147x72.5x7.4mm, 135g, microUSB
BlackBerry Priv: 147x77.2x9.4mm, 192g, microUSB

The Blackberry Priv is 5.4in display makes it bigger than the DTEK50, and it's almost 183mm in length when fully extended. That size doesn't necessarily make it cumbersome as the keyboard can be used with one hand, but at 192g it might be a little too heavy for some.
blackberry venice slider

There's a lot to like about the Priv's keyboard - if you have small fingers. It can even be used as a makeshift trackpad with its swipe functions.


BlackBerry DTEK50: 5.2in 1,920x1,080 resolution
BlackBerry Priv: 5.4in 2,560x1,440 resolution

Sacrifices need to be made somewhere for a device that costs almost half as much, and the DTEK50 loses the beautiful QHD AMOLED display found on the Priv. The DTEK50 opts for an IPS LCD panel instead, but both should be praised for their deep blacks and punchy colours.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

Operating System

BlackBerry DTEK50: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
BlackBerry Priv: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, upgradable to Marshmallow

For better or for worse, the Priv marked BlackBerry's move away from the firm's BlackBerry 10 OS. The DTEK50 and Priv are both Android devices, but they retain at least some of the BlackBerry software magic that gives them their hardened security edge.

The DTEK50 and the Priv benefit from monthly security patches, although BlackBerry has remained quiet on the subject of product support lifecycles.

Processor (RAM)

BlackBerry DTEK50: Hexa-core Snapdragon 617, 3GB of RAM
BlackBerry Priv: Octa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM

You're not going to see particularly incendiary performance from either handset, and that's despite the Priv using the more powerful Snapdragon 808.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The devices are fairly evenly matched in day-to-day performance, so these average benchmarks shouldn't dissuade potential buyers who favour security over speed.


BlackBerry DTEK50: Rear 13MP, f/2.0, dual-LED flash, 8MP front-facing
BlackBerry Priv: Rear 18MP, f/2.2, OIS, dual-LED flash, 2MP front-facing

The Priv may disappoint in terms of front-facing camera technology, but we don't think selfies will be high on the agenda of the typical BlackBerry aficionado. However, elsewhere it storms ahead with powerful 18MP Schneider-Kreuznach optics and optical image stabilisation.


BlackBerry DTEK50: 2,610mAh
BlackBerry Priv: 3,410mAh

The Priv has the beefier battery of the two. Those numbers don't lie either, as under tests we found that the Priv lasted almost two days compared with barely one for the DTEK50.
difference between blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The Quick Charge 2.0 standard is supported on both BlackBerrys, but we fear the DTEK50 will rely on it more than the other.

Storage (Memory)

BlackBerry DTEK50: 16GB, microSD slot
BlackBerry Priv: 32GB, microSD slot

The DTEK50 draws the short straw when it comes to storage capacity with just 16GB, but both phones can be extended up to a maximum of 2TB.


BlackBerry DTEK50: £275
BlackBerry Priv: From around £399
blackberry dtek50 and blackberry priv

The DTEK50 was always supposed to be a mid-tier device, and the price pretty much confirms this.


Neither phone can easily be mistaken for a BlackBerry, but you could argue that the Priv with its slide-out Qwerty keyboard comes nearest.

If a physical keyboard is top of your wishlist there's only one logical choice here, and the recent reduction in price also makes a strong case for the Priv. The DTEK50 is just a little bit 'meh', while its predecessor at least has something about it and has a stronger specs sheet.

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13 August 2016

How to Bold, Italics and Strikethrough a text on your Whatsapp Easily

We have witness different versions of whatsapp right from the time mark zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) acquired whatsapp from voice call feature to sending PDF files and also introducing end-to-end encryption whereby even the company itself wouldn't be able to read your messages. Well this Encryption feature comes with a new feature which you can be able to write in BOLD, ITALICS and STRIKETHROUGH a text on your whatsapp. This new feature was actually good as it can help in putting attention of certain keywords inside a message.
Now lets see how you can be able to send messages to your friends and loved ones in bold, italics and strikethrough text.

How to write in BOLD

To write in bold, you need to add asterisks before and after your text
E.g *wikiban* becomes wikiban when send to a friend on whatsapp

How to write in ITALICS

To write in italics you need to add underscore before and after your text
E.g _wikiban_ becomes wikiban when send to a friend on whatsapp

How to Strikethrough a text on whatsapp

To strikethrough a text, you need to add tilde symbol before and after your text
E.g ~wikiban~ becomes wikiban when send to a friend on whatsapp

How to mix up bold and italics at the same time

To mix up bold and italics text, here is how you can do it

*_wikiban_* becomes wikiban when send to a friend

Now i believe with this new features, chatting is going to be fun once again as we always await the video call option for whatsapp

Note: If it doesnt work on your whatsapp that means you are using older version of whatsapp, update your whatsapp to use this new features.

Read also: Special Whatsapp Tips You need To Know

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17 May 2016

Download Apk App For Android, Blackberry & iOs

One of the upcoming nigerian online shopping has just released its Apk app for blackberry 10 devices and Android phone from Google Play Store to download and shop on easily without wasting much on the main site. Apk app lets you as a seller post free Ads when you log in and for the product to be available and for buyers to look and search for it. you can use the free classified App to post your Ads and the buyers will look up for your phone numbers in other to call you for the product in need.

As jiji always warn its users, do not make payment in advance even for delivery, you may be duped by unfair seller i can add more to it by saying don't shop in location that you are not, for instance if you base in adamawa, go to to shop within your territory and meet the seller in person for convenience and simplicity.

Where to download the Apk App for Android and Blackberry

You can download the app here at Google Play Store
and after downloading it you can as well install the apk file extension on your blackberry z10, q10, z30, q5

You can download the Apk at 1mobile market here 

Download Apk for Iphone, iOs

Download the iOS App here to use on iphone, Ipad

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4 May 2016

Get MTN 100MB & N1950 Airtime at N500 And 50MB & N950 at N300

MTN Data plans department is on point this month, it is our time to browse,download and chat with our friends now at low and affordable price. This data plan is nice and cool due to its low consumption and low cost of cash, to me this data plan is advantage to those that can not go for 2GB Plus N2560 To call any network with just N2k  due to financial constraint which i can actually recommend this plan for chatting and browsing only because it is not that too much MB for you to download or stream videos.

I can now confidently said that the discontinuation of trualk+ and midnight calls is actually a blessing in disguise because this great offers is what awaits us since, but still we are on the verge of anticipating more cheap and affordable data plans better than this current one. Well you already know the drill, trutalk is everything we need to blaze this amazing offer that we wait for such a long time.

Notwithstanding this plan is known as New deal! and on this new deal offer you can get 100MB data plus N1950 credit to call any network in Nigeria (20kb/sec) with just N500 and it valid for 7 days only and not only that you can also get 50MB plus N950 Airtime to call any network at an affordable price of just N300.

mtn latest data plan at

Best and Suitable Data Plans for MTN this May 2016

Get 100MB data plus N1950 credit to call any network with just N500

Before activation

  • Get a working MTN Sim card 
  • Make sure you are on MTN TrueTalk if you are not on that plan dial *400# to migrate now 
  • Recharge your MTN sim with N500 .

How to activate   

  •  Goto Message  
    • SEND V500 to 131 as a message. 
    Validity: 7days

After activation

  • make sure your PC and phone  APN is set if you don't know how to configure your device click HERE 
  • Go to your browser and enjoy  by visiting

Get N950 credit to call any network+50MB data with just N300

How to activate   

  •  Migrate to MTN TrueTalk by dialing *400#
  • Recharge your MTN sim N300
  • Go to message  
SEND V300 to 131 as a message.

Validity: 7days

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4 September 2015

How to get thousand of likes and followers on instagram for free

Lets quickly discuss and easy steps that will guide you to have many followers and likes on instagram for them to comment on your trending pictures and many more. In this my easy tutorial i will guide you easily on how you can get more than 1000 likes freely.
NOTE: Before starting firstly you must have and instagram account and instagram app install on your device which may be android, blackberry 10 or iOS.

How to get many likes and followers on instagram 
  • Open a fake Instagram account on your phone this should not have your genuine personal information
  • After creating the fake account,login to the fake account’s profile and add a Profile Picture, then edit the information as desired, once you have done that upload 5 random pictures.
  • Now,visit preferably on your PC or android )  
  • Click on the 'New User? Register Here' button
  • Once the new page loads, click on 'How to get Authentication URL'.
  • After that, Scroll down and click on the 'Click Here' link, this will log you out of any Instagram account you may be logged in to on the browser, now close the tab.
  • Once that is complete, click on the 'Authorize Gramhoot' button.This will pop up a message, just click OK and a new tab will be opened.
  • Now, you will see a sign-in box where you have to sign in with the FAKE account you made earlier in STEP 1
  • Now, Click on the 'Authorize' button as seen in the image below.
  • Copy the address in the address bar that shows up after clicking the ‘Authorize’ button, now close the tab then go and paste the address you copied into the  'Authentication URL' box and press 'Submit'.
  • After submitting, you will be asked if it's a FAKE account, then press 'Yes'.
    You are almost through. Now, You have to register a Gramhoot Account  Thumbs up
  • Choose a Username and Password, then type in your REAL Instagram account Username (the one you want to get FREE likes on) in the third box and click 'Submit'. It will take a little while to register
  • Once that is complete, Click 'Return'. Then, login to your Gramhoot account we just created in Step above(your real account), once logged in, click 'Return'
Now, you can start getting FREE likes and followers
  • To Get Likes, Scroll down and Press 'Instalike Photo' on the photo you want likes on, it will take a few seconds to add all the likes, it will then go back to the same page where you can 'Instalike' all your photos and any new ones you add later. 
  • To Get Followers: Press the 'Follow Me' button and it will add around 80-150 followers in a few seconds then it will return back to the page 
NOTA BENE: You will only receive 200-250 likes on each photo, but you can 'Instalike' on the same photos every 24 hours, if you keep doing this you'll reach 1000+ likes on all your photos in a few days. Also, You can use the 'Follow Me' feature once every 24 hours, if you keep using it everyday, you will reach 1000+ Followers in no time.

Hope this help

feel free to share
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27 August 2015

MTN best blackberry data plan (subscription codes)

Gone are those days when we subscribe for blackberry plan at N3,000 with single e-mail, even though the generation is now growing rapidly towards enhancing internet marketing. MTN also has the cheapest blackberry plan now compares to etisalat bb plan and airtel bb plan which is blazing daily.  
Now let's quickly look at the different categories of blackberry data plan available 
Daily plan
sms BBCDAY to 21600 (N100) [unlimited]
Weekly plan
sms BBCWEEK to 21600 (N500)
Monthly  plan
sms BBC to 21600 (N1000)
Quartely plan (4 months)
sms BBQ to 21600 (4000)
As you can see for the daily plan above is unlimited, where you ca download and surf the net freely upto 24 hours while the other packages are limited to a certain data cap. these are the easiest and cheapest plan for blackberry as of now.
which one do you preferred using and what  are the issues you encounter? let me know via the comment box 
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24 August 2015

Install google play on blackberry 10 devices

Many blackberry 10 users are side-loading the android APK application as a result of unable to  have a Google play store on the device which will enable them install the application directly from the web. it is indeed and easy way to help blackberry 10 users get all the required and necessary application that android users are always enjoying  which will also help in making the phone at the same line of competition with the android users.
Before commencing the process you need to download the following softwares
3-Google Account Manager

Installation procedures

After downloading them from the above link, the name will appear thus:
  • cobalt.blackberry.googleid
  1. install and open and login with your goolgle account information
  2. install and open cobalt.blackberry.googleid and register your smartphone with google play
  3. install and open to start enjoying google play store  services 
ATTENTION: It is only supported on blackberry 10 devices with OS 10.3>>> 10.2 is not supported
you have to note the following:
All the three  apps must remain on your blackberry 10 device. play store might stop working if any among the other apps are interrupted 
if you have successfully install google play on your blackberry 10 device you can enjoy all the services like that of android users
tell us what are the issues you encounter via the comment box
Don't forget to share while it last.. 
       2. cobalt.backberry.googleID, 
       3. - See more at:
       2. cobalt.backberry.googleID, 
       3. - See more at:
       2. cobalt.backberry.googleID, 
       3. - See more at:
       2. cobalt.backberry.googleID, 
       3. - See more at:

  • Google Play Store 5.7.6
  • Blackberry Google ID 2.1.1
  • Google Account Manager 4.3.2
  • - See more at:

  • Google Play Store 5.7.6
  • Blackberry Google ID 2.1.1
  • Google Account Manager 4.3.2
  • - See more at:

  • Google Play Store 5.7.6
  • Blackberry Google ID 2.1.1
  • Google Account Manager 4.3.2
  • - See more at:
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    25 July 2015

    My phone is slow. How To speed up BlackBerry phone Performance

    One thing I dread is that horrible little black clock that randomly pops up on my BlackBerry screen, the sign that I'm pushing the limits on my poor BlackBerry Bold 9900. Sometimes, it goes away immediately, other times takes about a minute, but on one disastrous occasion, I had to completely restart my BlackBerry to get it working again.

    I find it necessary to briend up list of solutions to hopefully either fix the issue of your BlackBerry lagging or prevent it from ever becoming a problem in the first place. By enacting these few simple steps, you are
    guaranteed to have an even better BlackBerry experience.

    Close any unnecessary applications - Simply clicking the end button when you're finished using an app does not stop it from continuing to use CPU and processing speed on your BlackBerry. Instead, while in the app, click the BlackBerry button (the one with the BlackBerry symbol on it) and scroll down to click "Exit" or "Close". To check if you've left any apps open on accident, simply hold down the same BlackBerry button at any time, and up pops a screen that shows you which apps are currently running on your phone. Click on one you'd like to close using the same steps from before. One thing to remember: Home, Phone, Browser, BlackBerry Messenger, and Messages will always be open and you cannot exit them.

    Clear log files - While on the Home Screen of your BlackBerry, simultaneously hold ALT while typing LGLG. If you've done this properly, another screen will pop up showing a bunch of odd looking things that you (most likely) need not worry about. When here, click the BlackBerry button, scroll down to Clear Log, and do just that: clear the log. This may take a few moments, just remember to be patient. Do this on occasion to remove any old logs that could slow down the speed of your BlackBerry.

    Set SMS messages to delete automatically- Unless you're one of those people that hoards old conversations you've had with people, do this. Keeping the useless information on your BlackBerry just takes up memory that could be used on way more fun things. To do this go to Messages, click the BlackBerry button, scroll to Options, Message Display and Actions, then find the option Days To Keep Messages and switch to either 15 or 30 days.

    Manually delete old emails - Just like for the text messages, you should rid your BlackBerry of old emails. You'll need to do this manually by either clicking the backspace button while highlighting an email, or highlight an email, click the BlackBerry button and then Delete. The reason for this is because emails generally contain large amounts of unimportant attachments that are just taking up precious space. If they weren't, the information would have been sent as a text, right? And those should already be set to automatically delete.

    Clear browser history and cache - As you browse around the never-ending Internet on
    your BlackBerry, it constantly is keeping track of old websites you've visited so you can easily return to them without having to type the URL in. Instead of collecting browser history, regularly delete it and instead add Bookmarks to your most visited webpages. When you have the Browser open, click the BlackBerry button and select Options. Scroll until you find Clear Browsing Data and check all the boxes that apply, followed by hitting the Clear Now button. I generally just check all the boxes, but History and Cache are the big ones to do.

    Disable automatic Memory Cleaner - All this does is add an extra task for your BlackBerry to do while it's idle. It's not necessary because the benefits are minor. Finding this on different devices might be tricky, but on OS7, go to Options, Security, Advanced Security Options, Memory Cleaning. Keep the app Enabled but uncheck Clean When Holstered and Clean When Idle. Do check Place Memory Cleaner Shortcut on Home Screen, which allows you to manually clean up some random things when the time suits you. The app looks like paper going through a shredder. Obviously there may be other techniques that other BlackBerry bloggers claim to fix "all" problems. But honestly, I use every single one of these and I couldn't be happier about the results. Try them out for yourself, that's the best way to believe. When your other BlackBerry friends ask why they're falling behind in BlackBerry performance, you get to share the secrets and look even more awesome for it. Just be sure to tell them where you found this information!

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    24 July 2015

    Tips To Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage for your MB to last long

    The rate at which we surf the web these days is becoming higher than ever. Also, the speed at which data plans are disappearing is something to talk about. You will not want your MB to be wasted or consumed without giving you your desired results. In light to this, everyone wants to cherish their MB. What measures are you putting in place to reduce your mobile data usage?
    Of course you might have your individual data saving strategy but you need to apply the ones outlined here. Feel free to adapt these tips for the specific data consuming apps you use frequently or your particular usage habits. No matter the methods you use, if the following five are not put into practice, then you haven't started yet. Here are the five easy tips you need in order to save your MB:

    Let's say you are using Google Chrome browser to surf the web all the time, compressing the pages alone can save you about 30-35% percent of your data consumption for your mobile browser. Chrome pages compressing, which is now known as Data Saver in the settings, enables all web pages to be compressed before they are loaded into your browser.
    Although Using Data Saver does come with its own disadvantages, one of which is slowing things down a little bit, you need it to save data usage. You don't need to worry about the speed as you'll sooner or later get used to it. To see your data savings record, all you have to do is to just launch Chrome browser, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner, and scroll down to Settings then to Data Saver. Watch the graph always to notice how your data savings grow.

    For android users, Facebook has become one of the most used apps, leading to loss of data and even draining of battery. To save your data, replace it with an alternative app such as Tinfoil for Facebook which is simply a web app that displays the Facebook website. Even the Facebook Lite which we are made to believe reduces data consumption by 50% is not recommended because it still wipes hundreds of data monthly.

    Surely, if you tell your apps or your device itself to restrict background data, you'll have done a great favor for yourself. Features such as email syncing, weather widgets, feeds updating etc. are examples of background data that you should disable because they use your data even if you are not actually using them.
    In light to this, you can also adjust some settings on your smartphone to restrict background data in Settings > Data usage > Restrict Background Data. If you want to adjust the settings for a particular app, go to Settings > Apps. Note that this depends on the particular version of android you are using. To change your sync settings for Google services, go to Settings > Accounts > Google > select the account. When this is done, all you should do is to simply uncheck the services you don't want syncing automatically.

    Google play apps updating is yet another factor that drains your MB. If you set the play store to automatically update apps, your internet subscription data will be wiped out without you even noticing it.
    How then do you disable auto-update apps? To do this, simply go to the Play Store and have the left-hand navigation drawer swiped out. Open the settings and there is Auto-Update Apps at the top, then tap it. Ensure that it is either set to ''Do Not Auto-Update Apps'' or "only over Wi-Fi." For individual apps settings, go to My Apps, choose the app you want to disable and then tap the overflow menu to check or un-check Auto-Update.

    If you are always streaming music and videos from Streaming sites such as YouTube, Vine and other video and music sites, then you are in for drastic data consumption because online streaming consumes data more than you thought. The best option for you here is to always download these files (music or videos) to your device.
    You can also save the music for offline listening, if you are not the type that likes stuffing music or videos on your microSD card.

    Note: if you can reduce to the least minimum your online streaming attitude, then you will save a lot of data usage and your subscription will last for you.

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    Airtel Reduce Blackberry Data Plan to N1,000 3GB & Increased Normal Plan of N1,500 to 3GB

    I speculate that many of us are using AIRTEL for browsing because it is d most cheapest data network in Nigeria even though some times it is slow while browsing. Hopefully, this data reduction only favors those who are using it on blackberry phones. Initially, this plan 3 GB for N1400 was introduced six
    months ago and it was tested to only work on Blackberry phones. it doesn't work on Android nor iOS. But early hours of this morning,
    Airtel sent a text confirming the reduction to N1000 for the same 3GB.
    Not just that but N1500 for 2GB plan has now been
    increased to 3GB. This plan works on all device but I
    can't guarantee you if it will zap normal or not.

    ==>For Blackberry phones only load N1,000 and dial
    *440*1# for 3GB

    ==>For other devices load N1,500 and dial *440*16#
    for 3GB.
    Note;it works perfectly and accurately, remember the Airtel android plan still works on all device, but
    with the latest info, N2,000 is now expensive for 2GB.

    Try and share it with your friends and keep inviting them here
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    11 July 2015

    Special Whatsapp Tips You Need To Know

    Whatsapp is an instant messaging app for smartphones founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum both former employees of yahoo Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in april 2014 for a whopping sum of US$19 million. Whatsapp currently has a total of over 800 million active users, which makes it the biggest instant messaging app in the world. If you are one of the 800 million active users that use whatsapp, there are probably a few features that you either don't understand or simply find annoying!

    Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

    How To Know If Your Message Has Been Read
    At times, You send you send a message to a friend and when he doesn't reply after a long time, you start to wonder if he got your message, if he didn't or if he just chose not to reply? To know if your friend received your message, simply check under the message you sent, you would see an icon. If its just one tick, that means the message was sent but not delivered. If its two ticks, it means your message was sent, delivered but not read. And if its two blue ticks, then your message has been sent, delivered and read.

    How To Get Back Deleted Messages
    Imagine you accidentally delete an important message...That would be painful right? What if I told you there is a way you can get back that lost message....pretty cool, huh? One of the best improvements the new versions of the whatsapp messenger app have is the ability to backup and restore messages. Every morning at 4am your whatsapp messages are automatically backed up, so if you wish to restore your deleted message you need to do it before then, or else your message history would backed up and your messages gone forever.

    The easiest way to restore your lost message is by UN-installing your whatsapp messenger app and re-installing it. While you are installing the app it will ask if you want to restore messages from saved back up, select yes and your message history for the last seven days would be restored along with the deleted message(s). If you want to restore messages older than seven days on android, use ES FILE EXPLORER or any other similar file manager app. Go to SD Card - Whatsapp - Databases to view your backups locate the back up you want to restore and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt then Go to Settings - Apps - Whatsapp click on clear data.
    Run the whatsapp messenger app and restore when prompted and your messages would be restored!
    Note: This works only on android devices.

    How To Send Multiple Messages At Once
    So, you have this important class assignment you wish to share with all your classmates and you do not have the time to send all the messages individually. Do you know that you can send the message to all your classmates at the same time? Whatsapp's broadcast feature allows you to send the same message to different people all at once. The beauty of this feature is that, whatever message you broadcast would appear as a private message to all the recipients and no one will know the message was broadcasted.
    For android, press menu and select "New Broadcast" then select all the contacts you want to receive the message then press Done at the top-right corner of your phone, now press Create also at the top-right corner.  With that your broadcast list been created now you just enter the message you want to broadcast and send it just like regular chatting and also the members of the broadcast list would receive the message.
    When they reply the message, it will go to just you and not the full list.

    How To Retain Your Chat History When You Switch Phones
    So, you are planning to switch your Smartphone for that cool new one you saw at the store but are worried about losing all your chat history. What if I told you that you can actually move your chat history from your old device to the cool new smartphone? The backup and restore feature is coming into play again.
    To move your chat history from the old to the new device all you have to do is;
    If you use an SD card, go to Menu - Settings - Chat Settings - Back up. Back up your conversations.
    If your back up is saved on your internal memory(phone memory) you just manually move it to your SD card.
    Remove your SD card, insert it in your new phone.
    Run WhatsApp messenger on your new phone and select restore when prompted.
    And the chat history backed up on your SD card would be loaded unto your new phone.

    How To Use WhatsApp Messenger on PC
     If you have Google Chrome installed on your pc, go to and follow the instructions there for your phone. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet, I recommend you use WiFi because whatsapp web synchronizes with your phone. Select whatsapp web from menu in your phone's whatsapp messenger and scan the QR code in the browser. you can now receive timely notifications and chats on your computer.

    Time Saving Tip
    This is just something I remembered towards the end of the post the end of the post, thought I'll add it. If you have a friend that you chat with all the time you can easily add a short-cut to the chat on your home screen so instead of having to go through all the trouble of launching your whatsapp, blah, blah, blah, all you need to do is just click on the icon on the home screen and it will lead you directly to chat. That saves a lot of time. To do this, open your whatsapp messenger on your phone go to chats, long press the contact you want to your home screen then select "add short-cut to chat" .

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    15 April 2015

    How to check the status of your blackberry subscription for all networks

    It’s a common saying among Nigerians that - A Blackberry phone without BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) is just like a train without an engine i.e. toy. We believed lots of Blackberry users are using Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) on their Blackberry phone but some users don’t know the exact date their BIS will expire and how to check the remaining megabytes. There are different ways to verify/check BIS Expiry Date. You can easily monitor your current Blackberry data bundle usage via text message or by dialing a programmed code.
    Today, I want to
    share how any Blackberry user can check the expiry date and remaining data on their BIS of the four major Nigeria Networks i.e. MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat

    To Check MTN NG BlackBerry® Service Expiry Date and Data Balance
    Simply text STATUS to 21600
    To Check GLO NG BlackBerry® Service Expiry Date and Data Balance
    Send STATUS to 777 via sms or dial 777*0#
    To Check Airtel NG BlackBerry® Service Expiry Date and Data Balance
    Simply send STATUS as sms to 440 or dial *123*9#
    To Check Etisalat BlackBerry® Service Expiry Date and Data Balance
    Simply dial *228# on your blackberry device.

    Blackberry Tips
    • Battery Life: Largest draw on battery life is the transmitter and the back-light, so if you are transmitting a lot, you can expect reduced battery life.
    • Maximize your Home Screen: The home screen of the BlackBerry is where you spend most of your time. There are several websites where free themes can be downloaded. You can start by searching
    • Software Upgrade: log on to and select the software that suits your device
    • Free Application for Blackberry devices: The best site to download free applications for the BlackBerry® device is from . Others include: ;
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