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17 August 2017

5-Step Guide to Successful Online Dating

Modern world gives a significant advantage by allowing you to find a perfect match dating online. Almost half of couples, statistics say, reported to have been dating online at least once. A lot of people, though, make classic mistakes which alienate them from possible partners. In order to succeed in online dating follow these easy steps and be sure to get what you want.

5-Step Guide to Successful Online Dating

1. Work on your profile. Put your soul in it. Choose a photo the girl of your dreams would like to see. Choose a photo that represents your character. If you need, make a special photo. Ask somebody to make a photo of you, dress properly, and show your best qualities with a charming smile. Photo means a lot as many people who date online make their decision relying on photo. Do not think that everything is about looks, though. A good photo is only a start as there are hundreds of thousands of people out there with good photos. First step is to be among them.

Think about what makes you yourself. Make a list of qualities that make you different from others. In other words, what makes you original? Think of positive features and do not cling to your negative sides. Forget about them completely when you work on your profile.

2. There is absolutely no need to be humble on the internet. Humble people on the internet are mostly ignored. Because you do not experience discomfort, insecurity or stress meeting another person physically, there is no reason for your not to be active on the internet. Be creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and confident.

5-Step Guide to Successful Online Dating

Write down only truth. You can avoid putting down something you don’t want to share but don’t rely on lies. Any lie will be revealed sooner or earlier. Tell your real height and weight, job position, age, etc.
You should try keeping balance between openness and mystery. Don’t tell everything about you ahead. Don’t be secret about everything as well. Find a harmonic combination of what is known and unknown about you.

3. Learn from others on the internet. See how other people organize their profiles, what they do and how. Think about the effectiveness of their approach. Then, try to implement the best techniques to edit your own profile.

Make a realistic picture of yourself. Ask your friends how they perceive you and remember what your close acquaintances have said about you in the past. Define what of your interests make you special and which character features are dominating. Understand who you are and how others perceive you.

4. Be creative about your matches. Try to ask them out in original way. You can begin by just saying “hello” following it with a nice and warm remark about some of the interests of your match, her hometown (perhaps, you’ve been there) or compliment her education/job. The possibilities are endless so just try thinking out of the box.    

5. To achieve success in online dating you definitely need to know what you are looking for. Most of the online dating services provide you with the matches automatically. However, your task is to make a careful and accurate choice out of the matches you’re provided with. Try to imagine what kind of partner you might want to date. When you realize what you are looking for, it would be easier for you to find it. For example, perhaps you definitely don’t want to date a teenager girl just out of school without her place or a single mother of 3 children. Therefore, don’t waste your time and effort.
5-Step Guide to Successful Online Dating

All in all, successful online dating is primarily about making the right choices. What picture to use, what match to write to, what interests to put, and what to write about yourself, etc. These are all choices you need to make carefully and attentively. So, keep up the good work, go out there, and amaze them with your clever attitude.

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28 August 2016

How To use shoptomydoor to get US Adsense account while living in Nigeria

Getting approval of adsense account while living in Nigera is the most difficult task which gives many bloggers headache in this country however getting US adsense account approval is the most simplest task ever as it does not required  investigation, believe me that i applied for adsense account 5 times with Nigeria as my Country but i haven't allowed to get access to adsense account, but i applied once using USA and get approval message withing 24hours of time, do you want to know the tips? then follow the guide below.

Let me introduce you the this special delivery service which is popularly known as Shoptomydoor.

 How to use shoptomydoor to Get US Adsense account 

follow the steps provided there and fill all the requirements, after getting that address now you are one step closer to success in this process.
  • Copy your US address as given to you by Shoptomydoor officials in your Account interface.
Note : Copy the US address given to you is the address you can use to apply your adsense account.
  • click here to apply for adsense account.
  • Follow the steps bellow:
  1. fill the forms as shown below with your pasonal data plus your address.
NOTE: the adress your USgiven to you by shoptomydoor is the address required there.
     2. CLICK HERE To Apply for adsense account 

  • Having fill the form provide above correctly with your US address of your shoptomydoor, believe me yo will receive a congratulatory massage from google team after 2days 
Don't: dont forget to put add code from your adsense account after receiving acknowledgement email and place it on your bog/website.

Chill and enjoy
follow our threads, how to get USA adsense verification will be available soon.
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Get started with Shooptomydoor to solve your US adsense issues and much more

Making online purchases is not the case as many people are making purchase transaction with many companies which offers their product services online through advertising and referral links matters but how to get your product in time. 
The must popular site which offer this kind of service is Jumia which is actually the most popular online shop making in Nigeria and its reliable as far as online transaction is concerned but believe me that jumia is limited why because they cannot help you deliver things you buy from other companies only if they are partnering with those companies.

Many are facing such a difficulties in getting their goods delivered as a result of inability to get a confirmed and reliable delivery company service, especially if the goods bought are from America USA and other foreign countries.

Benefits of Shoptomydoor

  • The greatest benefit of shoptomydor is the it can help me collect any kind of product from any company in America, china, and any other foreign country.
  • Shoptomydoor can also help you collect your google adsense verification pin via your US address and send it to you via your mail address.
  • Its also fast, simple, trusted and reliable way of delivering any kind of product from America to Nigeria.


How to get started with shoptomydoor

  • Then fill the forms provide as shown below:
  •  Fill and proceed

  •  After filling the above information you will be given three (3) free address to help you deliver your good or google verification PIN as shown bellow:

  •  Finally your account is created successfully

You are finally there enjoy.

Learn how to use shoptomydoor and get US Google Adsense account HERE.

Thanks for reading.
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17 May 2016

Download Apk App For Android, Blackberry & iOs

One of the upcoming nigerian online shopping has just released its Apk app for blackberry 10 devices and Android phone from Google Play Store to download and shop on easily without wasting much on the main site. Apk app lets you as a seller post free Ads when you log in and for the product to be available and for buyers to look and search for it. you can use the free classified App to post your Ads and the buyers will look up for your phone numbers in other to call you for the product in need.

As jiji always warn its users, do not make payment in advance even for delivery, you may be duped by unfair seller i can add more to it by saying don't shop in location that you are not, for instance if you base in adamawa, go to to shop within your territory and meet the seller in person for convenience and simplicity.

Where to download the Apk App for Android and Blackberry

You can download the app here at Google Play Store
and after downloading it you can as well install the apk file extension on your blackberry z10, q10, z30, q5

You can download the Apk at 1mobile market here 

Download Apk for Iphone, iOs

Download the iOS App here to use on iphone, Ipad

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