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17 December 2016

How Long An Article or Blog Post Must Be

How long should each blog post be? This is one of the most controversial question that’s always trending online by bloggers. Well, as I can say there is no official answer to the above question, but we can rely on some concept of probability and assumption about how long an article will be. This is a myth that many bloggers are arguing about because how long or short one write article determines the objective of the blog.
Now we can look at some benefit and problems attached to both lengthy and short articles to help one decide on how to write article on his/her blog and the one that is of most beneficial on the blog in use.


Writing blog post of about 1500+ words are the lengthy blog post some will consider because it will provide all the details required to the topic in discussion. Now let’s outline some benefit of writing a lengthy content;

Benefit of writing a long blog post.

SEO: search result is one of the factor that one has to put into consideration when composing a suitable blog post. SEO is everything to blog/site because it determines or ranks your site exposure to the search engine, which will then yield traffic from search result.   Writing a lengthy blog post will definitely perfect your SEO and make the blog/site gets indexed fast by search engine.

Simplicity: Long blog post usually explains information in details that will satisfies the audience reading it, hence they wouldn’t be required to ask a lot a questions in the comment. All the ambiguity aspect of the post will definitely be discussed in a lengthy blog post.

Professionalism: Writing a good comprehensible long blog post will make the blog audience know that one is professional to what he is doing, and that will also fetch some returning visitors because anything is nailed down in detail.

Traffic: Once a blog is getting indexed fast by search engine, the blog will keep getting huge traffic from search engine result page (SERP). Definitely, every blogger is after traffic and that is one nice way to get easy traffic, i.e. by writing lengthy content.

Disadvantages of Lengthy blog post

Timeliness: Writing a lengthy blog post usually takes time and effort because one has to undergo thorough research of the topic to discuss. The longer one is gathering information, the lengthier the blog post will be and hence it take a lot of time to make a good comprehensible post.

User Engagement: A blog with lengthy blog post usually, don’t have user engagement because a well known research shows that most web users don’t read blog post word to word. As a result, the post will not be shared much and one can’t get enough comments on the post.

Frequency: Lengthy blog post always take a lot of time to compose, hence that will limit one’s post frequency making it to compose just few post in a week or month.


A short blog post is a post that contains something less than 400 words. A blogger can decide to post short blog content depending upon his reason and the niche that the blog is operating. Most new blogger nowadays don’t tend to write long post as a result of insufficient knowledge on how SEO is evolving.
Now let’s look at some advantages of short blog post and to derive a conclusion.

Advantages of short blog post

Frequency: A short blog post writer can make up to 5 post a day because the content is too short, hence it will be written with much ease without sufficient details.

Visitors Commitment: Visitors that usually visit blog site that post short articles are likely to be committed and engage with comments and other stuff like sharing and liking the post.

Effortless: Short articles are actually effortless because there is no enough formatting as a result of insufficient text and that makes it very easy to compose and publish.

Problems of Short Blog Post

Zero SEO: Most short blog post doesn’t have a good SEO because the words on the post are not enough to rank it higher in the search engine result page (SERP).

Decline in Traffic: When SEO is zero, then there is certainty that the post won’t get rank higher in search engine and hence, the blog will not get much traffic from search engine.

Ambiguity: Most short blog post contains some information that are ambiguous and that will make readers not to understand what information the writer if trying to pass.


After considering the above mentioned points on both short and lengthy blog post, one should understand that writing a post depends upon the audience interest. You can write a long post to get a good rank from SEO and receive huge traffic but you will definitely lose user engagement. It is also pertinent to note that most web users don’t read blog post word to word, hence they just scan it and go, which makes it important for a blogger to make a post with headers, subheader, listing and other elements that break your post into pieces which will be suitable for skimming and scanning. The final decision is yours, depending on your interest and your audience interest.

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7 December 2016

How To Keep Your Blog Articles Safe From Scrappers

As Blogging is progressing in the field of internet technology, it is vital to consider some black hat bloggers which relies on other people articles to survive or feed their site. It is important to know who content scrappers are, what they do? How they do? And how you can get rid of them in other to make our online article 100% accurate.
Online activities is becoming more competitive as many passionate developers, webmasters, bloggers are now coming in to existence with so many potentials, and the ability to play smart is success from your end, no matter how you twist or change someone’s else work, definitely there is going to be some differences and thanks to the sophisticated search engines available that are penetrating and detecting plagiarism in a systematic and simple way. Now lets get to know who content scrappers are.

Who are Content Scrappers?

Let me just say it in a layman’s word that scrappers are those so-called online users that take someone else work and make it their original work without attributing credit or taking permission from the original author of the article. Don’t forget to put that in mind; even if you change the words or sentence of someone else article, it still belongs to him and you are just stealing content elsewhere.

What Content Scrappers do

Some content scrappers are trying to act smart by copying articles and change some phrases and paragraph in such a way that will convince the reader that what he/she is reading is accurate and original, that’s exactly what smart scrappers do, and some others just copy directly without changing even an alphabet letter irrespective of word.

How they do

Some content scrapper will observe and monitor your sites performance secretly right from the initial state of your site to the level they think it is deem fit for them to grab your content and make it theirs.

Suggested Solutions to Online Content Scrapping

Right before giving a solution to an identified problem, it is pertinent to know its background details and information regarding the issue in question so as to give a suitable solution to the problem stated that’s why we can give you details about who content scrappers are, what they do, how they do, I believe after knowing the above stated facts you can check below for the suitable solution to online content scrapping once and for all:

Submit a DMCA Complain with the Search Engine

When you detect any online publisher masquerading the right of ownership of content in his/her site, and you know for sure that you’re the original owner of that article, you can easily file a DMCA Complain with Google giving them details about which content was stolen, what site or blog is doing the stealing and don’t forget to share your contact information with them to assist in the process of retrieving your content or requesting further clarification, you can also attach your signature to mail or fax them in other to fast track your request.

NOTE: Don’t file a complain if you don’t actually own the content because you might likely pay for court damages for infringing some else work.

Create Links within your content that’s point back to your site

When writing an article it is important to include backlinks that points back to your site within the contents sentence or phrase because some online scrappers usually copy directly without checking and that will help you curb some of them and report their sites.

Always Include Footers in your Blog Post

Footers are very important in writing blog post because it is actually stating your site or the author name at the end of your post, and usually most scrappers that copy direct contents usually include footer in the copied article and that will send back a link to your site and also help you in detecting them.

Always Write your Site Name inside your Article

I know this is very rare but it is also essential because when you always write your blog/site name in a post then there is tendency that the article theft won’t read them all and even the readers can easily get to know the original owner of the article.

Disclose Online Scrappers in your Blog/Site, Forum & Social Medias

When you get to know even if it’s a single person that steals content, you can write a post about them make people know them and their site so as to avoid visiting their site for quality purpose and if many bloggers are engaged in doing so, imagined the number of online article scrappers that will be listed out.

Over to You

Im sure by applying the above procedures it will surely kick those scrappers out of your way. Have another way that you think I missed or which of the above ones really works for you? Please use the comment below to state them and will respond you. Thank you. 
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18 November 2016

4 Major Ways to Increase Ranking of Blog Post

Having a Blog/Site is one thing while having the time to spare and update it is entirely a different issue that a Blogger or webmaster has to consider. Gone are the days when Bloggers/Webmasters will keep updating their site with irrelevant stuff and still got the desirable rank from search engines. Ranking of Blog post by search engines is a tedious work nowadays because of the enormous competition in the technological industry, but in this article, we can take a look at some various ways through which one will write a qualitative and quantitative content capable of attracting audience and also improving search engine rank.

Nowadays Search engines are also aware of the competition and they are always updating their ranking mechanism to make sure that each and every party was judged fair and accordingly. This implies that you can’t just get rank up by search engines easily through copy-pasting someone else content on your blog and expect a good result.

Now let’s look at some 4 major ways which I strongly believe will assist in ranking up your post on search engines and will definitely help grow audience on your site
       1)    Writing Quality Contents

I cannot write this post successfully without implementing on the issue of quality content, because it is the key to everything else that involves the ranking of blog post on search engine. Writing quality content doesn’t just imply the ability to write well but to have a sound background knowledge of what you are about to write or what you are writing and to make sure that you explains every concept and ambiguity found within your article, that will make the audience love your articles and still come back again to check, it grows your traffic to another level and will definitely make search engines ranks you among the rest. Quality is everything needed but that doesn’t mean quantity isn’t appreciated, quantity also plays a major role in indexing your site and is considered as an essential aspect of ranking your post on search engine.
       2)    Improving Grammatical Fluency

As a writer you sure need to have a good grammatical knowledge of what you are writing to make sure that your audience actually comprehends your message, yes it is very much possible you can make some mistakes on some sentences or typographical error when typing but also it remains your sole responsibility to make sure that the article you are writing is error free to encourage your audience in grabbing the message you are sending, you can also use some online grammatical check up before publishing your article.
Take into consideration that some little mistake could make would actually make search engines like Google to not index your site which will consequently lower your ranking.
      3)    Webmaster Tool Management

All of the above listed recommendations can never be achieved without managing your search engine webmaster tools, yes you can write quality and quantity contents have a good grammatical fluency but your site/blog can’t get recognized by search engine unless you submit your content to them.
Kindly sign up and submit your article to search engine webmaster tools so as to make your site get indexed faster and to improved your post ranking which will result in growing up your traffic to your blog. I actually recommend using Bing and Google Webmaster console tool.

      4)    Frequent Post on your Site/Blog

This has been one of the controversial and argumentative idea in the blogging industry, in other for one to get improved ranking of his post by search engines, it is pertinent to have consistent method of posting article to the blog. You can choose to post daily, weekly or even monthly depending on your capability and capacity, But my research actually shows me that a site that is always posting daily articles will likely get ranked higher to site that post on weekly or monthly basis respectively, not only that a site that post daily will get indexed very quick to the site that post on weekly or monthly basis.
I vehemently suggest that a good article writer has to make sure that he is posting at least single article a day, even after two to three days is not that bad but to be on the good site I suggest single or more article a day will suffice.

These are some major ways to increased ranking of your post by search engines and I believe with these methods one can move to a greater  than where he stands before, also make sure there are some strategies that needs to be put in place, among which I will recommend is constant research, a good research is always the best for ever internet user to grow his audience online.
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