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28 August 2016

How To use shoptomydoor to get US Adsense account while living in Nigeria

Getting approval of adsense account while living in Nigera is the most difficult task which gives many bloggers headache in this country however getting US adsense account approval is the most simplest task ever as it does not required  investigation, believe me that i applied for adsense account 5 times with Nigeria as my Country but i haven't allowed to get access to adsense account, but i applied once using USA and get approval message withing 24hours of time, do you want to know the tips? then follow the guide below.

Let me introduce you the this special delivery service which is popularly known as Shoptomydoor.

 How to use shoptomydoor to Get US Adsense account 

follow the steps provided there and fill all the requirements, after getting that address now you are one step closer to success in this process.
  • Copy your US address as given to you by Shoptomydoor officials in your Account interface.
Note : Copy the US address given to you is the address you can use to apply your adsense account.
  • click here to apply for adsense account.
  • Follow the steps bellow:
  1. fill the forms as shown below with your pasonal data plus your address.
NOTE: the adress your USgiven to you by shoptomydoor is the address required there.
     2. CLICK HERE To Apply for adsense account 

  • Having fill the form provide above correctly with your US address of your shoptomydoor, believe me yo will receive a congratulatory massage from google team after 2days 
Don't: dont forget to put add code from your adsense account after receiving acknowledgement email and place it on your bog/website.

Chill and enjoy
follow our threads, how to get USA adsense verification will be available soon.
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