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4 August 2016

Airtel unveils SmartCONNECT Tariff Plan Which gives 60% Bonus on Every Rechage

Many Telecons providers recently lunch their best plans like MTN recently introduced A new plan known as stertPark promo plan which is favorable for making call however the plan gives you only 60% of your recharge so also i introduced to you this greatest plan ever in the history of telecommunication in Nigeria that will give you 80% bonus back on every recharge you made on GLO, this great plan is known as Glo Jollific8, furthermore with this plan every recharge you made would give you  8 times the value of what you recharge, Every recharge comes with free data and free voice, You can also choose to share free data with someone else via gift and the other networks as listed in This Post.

well let me introduced this latest plan to you as the best Airtel tariff plan in this month, this plan is know as Smartconnect 2.0, smartconnect 2.0  is a plan which give a user or an airtel subscriber 6 time of the amount recharge on their simcard which actually suitable for both New and old Subscribers.
Airtel introduced this plan as a result of the race of competition among telecommunication providers among all.


Its simply, just dial *311#  and you are good to go

Terms and Conditions

  • SmartCONNECT 2.0 is a Prepaid Plan
  • It is available to both old and new customers on the Airtel network
  • Customers lose their bonus once they migrate out of smartCONNECT 2.0 plan
  • Customers on this plan are not allowed to purchase Talkmore bundle using the *234# code or Premier Connect bundle using *254# code.
  • Customers can however continue to enjoy Talkmore bundles using the *126*1*PIN# recharge option.
  • Customers on this plan enjoy 6 times the value of EVERY recharge
  • ERC recharges also qualify for 6 times bonus.
  • Unused bonus can be rolled over as long as customers recharge before the expiry date of the old bonus.
  • Calls from Main Account and Bonus Account will be charged at 50k/sec.
  • Data Bonus will be charged at N5/MB

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31 July 2016

Affordable Internet Data Plan and Call Tariff Plan of All Nigerian Networks This Month

Data is one of the most useful and essential activity in the world of browsing as you cant browse the internet & download music, videos, pictures or application of any kind via phone or computer of any type with out data which is normally known as MB in our local language. so also credit is the most useful thing in communication as you cannot make any call without credit on your line.

my aim to make you in touch with any latest and hottest tip regarding to cheapest data plan for browsing and also cheapest call tariff plan so as to make you surf and enjoy the world of telecommunication and lots more and also to help you with tutorials about PC and phone also to simplify any terrible situation to be favorable.

well considering the situation of competition and development as a result of technological improvement and the willingness of maintaining customers by network providers, all network providers introduced many data and also call plans which are actually favorable for heavy downloads, chatting, streaming and lots more so as to encourage people to go for their network, however some internet data plans and call tariff plans are actually bad as its not lasting long as a result of huge zapping of data and also credit deduction.

For the benefits of my lovely viewers I scrutinized all the telecommunication data plans and also call tariff plans to bring out the cheapest and affordable ones among the Nigerian telecons providers.

Notwithstanding let’s look at the best, suitable and also cheapest call and data plan in all Nigerian telecommunication networks so as to minimize our expenditure and increase our savings. This is gonna be special as its really rocking without any interruption and also zapping of data and credit deduction.



MTN XtraPro is the new MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make call at 11k/sec (6.60k/Min) on flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5 but if in some cases MTN were not able to charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) with an additional benefit to health tips for 7 days.

How to Migrate to MTN XtraPro

Simply dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 401 to 131
read more about this plan.

So also you can get 6x your recharge card as soon as you recharge N100 you get N600, you recharge N200 you get N1,200, you recharge N500 you get N3,000 you recharge N1000 you get N6000.
all you need to get this offer is to buy a new MTN sim-card and register it no code required. Read more about this offer


well for data plan i recommend mtn night plan for downloaders in which you will be given 500MB For Just N25 On MTN pulse which last for a night only.
How to Activate the MTN midnight data plan of just N25
Well to activate the plan make sure you have a minimum of N25 or more on your account or more and sms NIGHT to 131 on your text messaging platform. Read more about this.

So also you can get 100MB for Just N100, 50MB for Just N50 but for this plan is more suitable for chats only (Eligible Users Only)

How to Buy 100MB for Just N100

send sms J11 to 142

How to Buy 50MB for Just N50

Sms J12 to 142 to subscribe for 50MB for just N50.

Note: For you to enjoy this offer you must bee on MTN Beta Talk ,you can migrate by dialing *123*2*6.



Well for call rate i suggest Gbam Xtra: Glo 12k/s plan:
It is a an exciting prepaid plan offering the best calling rates to customers with very attractive calling rates of 12K/s to ALL networks and 20K/s to popular international destinations
To migrate: Dial *100*6*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1
Onnet call rate:12K/s
Offnet call rate:12K/s
International calls to popular destinations-USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India: 20K/s
On-net SMS: N4/SMS
Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
International: N15/SMS
Glo 12K/s plan attracts a daily rental fee of N5 which is charged on the first call of the day.
Rental fee of N5 is only charged on your first voice call of the day. The rent will not be charged if you don’t make a call.
The daily rental fee of N5 will be charged on the first call of the day irrespective of the destination of the call
If rental not paid,will be charged 25k/s


As for Globacom the following bellow are the best and suitable data plan suitable for downloading, streaming, chatting and lots more.
This is definitely the cheapest Glo Nigeria data plan or let me say, this is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria at the moment. When I saw the offer of 6GB of data for just 2000 naira, I was excited until I saw that I can get a massive 10GB data by add 500 naira (10 GB goes for 2,500 Naira)
The data are valid for 30 days like most other data plans from the 3 other GSM companies in Nigeria.

Subscribe for 1GB data for 1000 naira with *127*53#
Subscribe for 6GB data for 2000 naira with *127*55#
Subscribe for 10GB data for 2500 naira with *127*58#
Subscribe for 12GB data for 3000 naira with *127*54#
Subscribe for 18GB data for 4000 naira with *127*59#
Note: All the above Glo data plans are the current data plan on the Glo network and its working perfectly



For this network i recommend Easy Life 4.0 Limited Edition as the cheapest plan.
The Easy Life 4.0 Limited Edition is a voice based prepaid plan that gives fantastic rates to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations.
The tariff plan is as stated below:
• 11 Kobo per Second to all networks in Nigeria
• 5 Naira daily access fee on your first call
• 20 Kobo per Second to four international destinations namely the United Kingdom (landlines), the United States of America , China and India.
• SMS – 4 Naira per page
• International SMS- 15 Naira per page
Description of Migration Code
dial *420*1#


For data plan i actually recommend etisalat 1GB for just N500 only however it is only available on new etisalat subscribers.

How to subscribe for Etisalat 1GB for N500

get a new Etisalat sim card
Load N500 Airtime on your etisalat line
Simply dial *229*2*2#
Check your data balance with *228# Read more

Other available and suitable data plans
1.5GB 1,000 *229*2*7# or AND1 sms to 229 30 days
3.5GB 2,000 *229*2*8# or AND2 sms to 229 30 days
6.5GB 3,500 *229*2*9#or AND3 sms to 229 30 days
16GB 8,000 *229*2*5# or MB6 sms to 229 30 days
22GB 10,000 *229*4*1#or SM1 sms to 229 30 days



well on airtel smartTALK plan is the best and cheapest call rate plan.
Airtel smartTALK this is the chepest and favourable planin which you can Call all networks in Nigeria at 15 kobo per second (from the very 1st second) for a daily access fee of ₦5 charged on your first call of the day and also Make international calls at 20k per second to the USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.
Terms of this plan
• Migration into smartTALK is free (except if it is a subsequent migration within the month by the subscriber which will be charged at N100).
• This is an opt-in offer and is open to new and existing Airtel prepaid subscribers.
• All calls are charged at 15k/sec ACROSS ALL local Networks at a daily access fee of N5
• Only subscribers with minimum of N5 Main Account balance would be able to initiate 1st call of the day (on-net/off-net). This does not apply to subscribers with valid voice bundle like Talk More, Premier Connect, WeekendMAX EXTRA etc.
• Subscribers on this plan can also purchase the Talk More bundle, Premier Connect bundle and other bundles as desired.
• 5x offer is not available on this plan.
How to migrate to Airtel SmartTALK plan
Simply dial *315# or send YES to 315.
and enjoy.


DAILY 30MB N100 *410#
3-Day 50MB N200 *412#
WEEKLY 80MB N300 *417#
14-Days 750MB N500 *418#
30 Days 1.5GB N1,000 *496#
30 Days 3.5GB N2,000 *437#
30 Days OPERA MONTHLY 250MB N300 *885*1#
15 Days WHATSAPP 15MB N100 *948#
30 Days WTF MONTHLY 80MB N200 *990#
TIME BASED 30Min N300 *439*3#
TIME BASED 60Min N500 *439*4#

Airtel FreeSurf

FREE SURF: offers values to customers without any upfront commitment.
When customers browse the internet without a valid data bundle, they do so on the PAYU plan. The PAYU plan is expensive as customers are billed at N50/MB of {5kobo per KB}. This expensive for the customers and leads to lack of interest in browsing the internet for a long time.
Double your Airtel data on this plan as when you 10MB and get 10MB with N10/MB and use 40MB you will get 50mb with N5/MB and 60MB you will be given 100MB for free with 2.5/MB


Its very simply just dial *141#
Then reply with “2” without quotes to activate. Read more about this plan
Thanks for Reading.
Let's us know your take via the comment box below

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27 August 2015

Airtel cheapest tariff plan

For those who have known this for a while i know you have been flexing with the cheapest tariff plan from the best telecommunication network in terms of data. One thing i love about this airtel is that they always take internet users closely into consideration when making vital decision. Airtel smartTalk was the cheapest tariff plan rocking now for prepaid users compares to etisalat easylife 4.0 and Glo Gbam+ in line with MTN BizPlus on the Go market.
About Airtel  SmartTalk  

Airtel smartTalk is a prepaid tariff plan which allows subsribers to make call as low as 11kb/sec to all networks in nigeria after the first call with a daily access fee of N5 which is also equivalent N7/min 

How to migrate
Dial *315# or sms YES to 315

which one do you think rocks the most among MTN BizPlusetisalat easylife 4.0, and Glo Gbam+
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26 August 2015

Etisalat cheapest plan ever

The competition between those telecoms network is getting much prettier tough than it should be. As you can observe MTN is dulling with BizPlus also taking Glo into consideration with Glo Gbam+ which is also rocking endlessly together with Airtel on smartTalk. Etisalat also introduced the cheapest tariff plan across all other networks at this point in time.

 About easylife 4.0

 Etisalat easylife 4.0 is plan introduce to assist its subscribers in making outgoing call at a lowest call rates of 11kb/sec to all other networks across nigeria which is equivalent to N7/min and 20kb/sec to 4 international destination (united kingdom, united state, china and india) with a daily access fee of N5 chargeable after making the first call
How to migrate to easylife 4.0
Dial *420*1#

To confirm your package, dial *244*3#

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Glo cheapest tariff plan ever

Its been a while for the domestic telecommunication network to pop up with a great and nice plan suitable and convenience to its subscribers to enjoy the network easily. Even though MTN subscribers have been enjoying their latest and cheapest plan. Globacom also unleashed their cheapest plan ever which will allow their subscribers to enjoy call at a lower rate.

How to migrate to the plan
Glo Gbam + is a tariff plan introduce by Glo  to enable their subscribers make call as low as 11k/sec to all other network equivalent to N7/min with a daily charge fee of N5 after making the first call.

>>dial *100*6*1# 

Its the best and trending plan for Glo now but i still think MTN BizPlus is better but i don't know what you will suggest with etisalat easy life 4.0
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19 August 2015

MTN GoodyBag Social Bundles you need to know

MTN goodybag social bundles help in reducing data cost for social networks on which we surf day to day through chatting, sharing, tweeting and lots more on the go-network. I guess those addicted to facebook, whatsapp and twitter application is another chance for them to minimise data usage through goodybag bundles by purchasing a monthly or weekly bundle to chat for fre.

The goodybag social bundles available are


How to subscribe to any of the above bundled


Weekly N25 sms FBW to 131
Monthly N60 sms FBM to 131


Weekly N25 sms TWTW to 131
Monthly N60 sms TWTM to 131


Weekly N25 sms ESKW to 131
Monthly N60 sms ESKM to 131


Weekly N25 sms 2GOW to 131
Monthly N60 sms 2GOM to 131


Weekly N25 sms NIMW to 131
Monthly N60 sms NIMM to 131


Weekly N25 sms WCW to 131
Monthly N60 sms WCM to 131


Weekly N25 sms WAW to 131
Monthly N60 sms WAM to 131

Or Alternatively you can view it in a Ussd menu by dialling *662#

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Cheapest MTN tariff plan you need to know

It is nice to take a survey study of the best, cheapest and lowest call rates of MTN tariff plan far better than that of trutalk and better talk where you can make call at cheaper price daily. Many subscribers thought the best tariff plan available at MTN for now is trutalk or betta talk as the case may be but I bet MTN BIZPLUS pass them all. Some might still consider Airtel smartTalk as the best comparing it with Glo Gbam+.

Mtn bizplus is a prepaid service that provide customers with better pricing which introduces lower cost on-net GSM voice, Data and SMS. MTN bizplus is introduced primarily for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to assist in promoting their business for better expansion.

Mtn bizplus charged 20k/sec equivalent to N12/min on first call minute i.e the first 60 seconds and apply a rate of 11K/sec equivalent to N7/min on subsequent call after the first call and also offering free SMS weekly after recharging which I was enjoying consistently + free midnight call ranging from 12:30am to 4:30am.


•To migrate dial *460*1# OR

•SMS 460 to 131

SLOW DOWN: the plan doesn't offer bonus on DATA (MB)

Tell us more about the plan on your side
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