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16 September 2015

Useful google tips and tricks to help improve your search result


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Its no doubt that google is the world most used search engine because of its simplicity and how it gives relevant required result to its users. you can find almost 90% of anything about life in google search engine because of how everything about how we do and what we do is been uploaded and posted everyday. Many people uses google as their default search engine but only some have the ability to search  and get everything they need and that is what necessitate this post to enlighten those who don't always get what they are looking for in google.

Today i will share some relevant tips and tricks on how you can use google and search everything you need which should either be in form of file  types, serial keys for product software's, get result from a specific site only, compare related site or blog to another, get definitions of everything easily and many more.
Now without wasting much effort and time let's get started

Search within the boundary of a specific site or blog 

Many users want to search a specific file or information on a particular site but as a result of using the wrong keywords, google will be displaying result from other similar related sites. For instance when you want to search information related to education and you prefer result from a specific university then here is how you can do it release of admission  

Note: denotes that your result will be from this website only and  any word that comes after it or before it is your search words.

With this keywords you can have a result from google about release of admission within the boundary of unimaid website, or for instance  your searching something on the net but you want the result within the boundary of this blog free browsing on android
here is the result on google

As you can see all the above result are from this blog likewise for other site that you did.

Search by file type or extension

I think this one is more preferable and suitable for those addicted to downloading of school information and/or assignment in PDF format because with this search tip you can specify which type of file you want in your search result e.g files with this extensions, JPGs, PDFs, PPTs or XLS format. Here is how you can search it

Filetype: [follow by the 3-letter abbreviation before the search keyword]

eg filetype: pdf learn blogging

you will have this result with pdf formats

Likewise for other format that you search

Search useful related site or pages 

Many sites offer similar content which is related to one and the other, you might be getting important updates from one blog which is used to deliver quality content about news and entertainment but you don't know that there is another blog which is far better than that you already know. Now the question is how can you get similar site or blog which operate in the same niche i.e related pages or site. Let's take google for instance as a search engine, you might want to switch to another search engine apart from google, That's how you are going to  do it:
you can see there is alternative of using yahoo, bing and other, and all the sites displayed at the result are search engine sites.

Search for words and get the definition easily

Applicable to students who are finding definition of some words a little bit tough than as usual, you can be able to get definition of word directly from google search engine without being send from one site to the other. Simply and easily put define: before any word in google search box to get its definition easily

define: marketing 

Remember word not sentence

 Be specific by using web friendly and less words

Some people tend to claim that they don't find what they are searching in google, which i will consider their statement as false because in this generation that we are, you can find almost everything in search engine but how do you search is the problem. Let's take for instance you want to know some clue in solving a mathematics question, you don't have to write all the formula's in google search box rather write the name of the topic and formula which you can have at list a brief explanation of the in problem in question.

When always searching on google don't exceed your keywords to be almost over 70 or more characters in length so that you will have the required result on the spot at the first page.

e.g how to get the best tech blog in nigeria use this instead best tech blog in nigeria or nigeria best tech blog always try to minimise words and go straight to the point.

Sometimes you might want to look at the meaning of a certain phrase but as a result of you not specifying, the search engine can bring some sort of result which you are not in need. Always use quotation mark in searching for a phrase for instance "mark zuckerberg" will present good and direct result than mark zuckerberg

How to search for product and software serial keys easily

You may download a software but don't have the product key and yet when you search google doesn't produce desired result. you can easily use this method  to search for product serial keys at once.

At the google search engine box, type 9FBR at the end of the software or product your searching for the serial, e.g

windows 9FBR
here is the result
Feel free to tell us your own tricks and tips via the comment form below

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