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16 February 2016

How to Chat with GTBank Customer Care online to Solve your Banking Problems


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Everything is becoming easier and simple in terms of this technological development. Every company or banking sector or organization is adopting various online technique to promote its good and services. GTBank is also bringing out the most safe and convenient way to solve your banking problems by just chatting with them online. if you don't forget MTN and Etisalat also had this platform before to enable your solve your problems with them. Well, for GTbank is actually very simple and easy.
how to chat with gtbank online

How to Chat with GTBank Customer Care fast and Easy

Just get on to on your browser,
And then check the Right Bottom corner for the chat window and click on it to maximize and input your Name, E-mail, Phone number, subject and message to initiate the chat.

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Am waiting for other Banks like FirstBank and Zenith Bank to join the queue also

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  2. Enter your comment...morning, how long does it takes to open a current account for customer that has a savings account already?

  3. Pls I want to solve my card inefficient working