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9 August 2016

How to get over 20,000 visitors free on your blog/website in 30 days


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So its been a while you have been blogging and looking for a way to source traffic but you fail? here i can give you a tip on how to get almost over 20,000+ visitors in your blog free for a month. you be thinking this is some kind of black hat SEO, no this isn't, this is a fresh source of generating more visitors to your blog and i believe with this you can be able to source more revenue to your blog if you comply with the underlisted instructions and guide.
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How to get over 20,000+ free traffic in 30 days

1. Bestnaija is a growing nigerian forum that providing different kind of internet service ranging from news, mobile phone tutorials, gossip and many more, bestnaija can bring much traffic to your site by publishing post with your link in the forum.

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Growtraffic can give you over 10,000 visitors to your blog or website in 30 days you just need to mention them or write a post on your blog or website about them, thats all.

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3. Maxvisits

Maxvisit can give you over 5,000 visitor to your blog or website in 30 days, what you need to do is just to mention them in your blog post or write a post about them

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4.Interne Traffic Service

Internet Traffic Service can give you a clean 5,000 visitor in a week, you just need to register with them

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  1. The traffics they are giving to us, is it bot traffics??
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  3. I love this, but am scared of using because I don't know if my adsense account will get ban after using it. Or the domain of my blog Naijcrackgist might be blacklistef and won't be approved for adsense again.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I never knew bestnaija has a lot of traffic I can drive to my site