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12 May 2016

How to Cancel all GLO Sevices to Stop Deducting Your Money


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Many telecom's providers especially in Nigeria really do deduct money from its subscribers account with no reason by sending them news and update plus caller tune unknowingly which is actually killing some other network providers in this country, its also give the network subscriber headache as they can not enjoy what they recharge in their sim-cards as credit, and this time GLO is also involved in this terrible act.
So if you happen to be the type of people that don't like deduction of money from their account  by receiving annoying value added services from GLO it's time to stop them by deactivating all their value added service subscriptions which actually leads to mass deduction of your money from your line either knowingly or knowingly by Glo.
for the happiness of my visitors I recently wrote a post on How to deactivate all Etisalat services to stop deducting your money  for etisalat users and also make a post for MTN user about How to deactivate all MTN services to stop deducting your money, so i learned that GLO also joint the queue of deducting or let me just say stealling their subscribers money, so that is why i decided to provide a comprehensive details and codes to use in stopping these GLO value added services for secure account balance.

How To Stop GLO from deducting your Money

firstly you have to know the kind of text they normally send to you so as to know how to deactivation that service.

How To stop  Caller Tune Service

 send "dereg" to 7728 as sms without quotes

 How To stop 8888 Messages

  • word of the day send sms UNSUB WORD to 8888 to opt out
  • Jokes send sms UNSUB JOKE to 8888 to opt out
  • Health tips send  sms UNSUB HT to 8888 to opt out
  • Weight loss tips sendsms UNSUB WLT to 8888 to opt out
  • Weight Gain tips send sms UNSUB WGT to 8888 to opt out
  • Christianity send sms UNSUB CHRIST to 8888 to opt out
  • Islam send sms UNSUB ISLAM to 8888 to opt out
  • Romance send sms UNSUB ROM to 8888 to opt out
  • Dating Tips UNSUB DAT to 8888 to opt out
  • Hair Tips send sms UNSUB HAIR to 8888 to opt out
Note: If it happens that you don't know which kind of text you normally received from them, then just send "UNSUB" to 8888 without quotes to unsubscribe from all 8888 annoying services.


How To stop any other  messages

To deactivate other value added services apart of 888 messages 
just send UNSUB to 547 

Note: if you have any other problem you can chat with them online here

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