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6 May 2016

How to remove Shortcut Virus on PC with Command Prompt


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Antivirus is more protective and reliable to be used on PC so as to protect your computer against any malware attack but it seems that  many antivirus isn't free and the free ones are not that too good enough to protect your computer only few can do.

The main purpose and reason for creating antivirus is to wipe out virus of any kind but still the problem of virus remains to the extend that instead of antivirus to wipe and clean virus, The virus is now wiping and corrupting the antivirus its self.

so since the available antivirus we commonly used are not enough to protect our computer against virus attack let look at the possible solution and the way out on how to remove shortcut virus with out any software, that is by using CMD.

Some are referring the shortcut as a virus while sometimes its just an error within the operating system which will eventually hides all your data and important files to the extend that you need to format the USB drives and loss your important contents inside. I believe you can be able to protect your self from this kind of virus or more so you can be able to recover your data if your victim of such incidence.

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How to remove shortcut virus with comman prompt

How to remove shortcut virus on your Flash Drive or pen Drive with a command prompt

  1. Firstly, click on start menu, and search for cmd
  2. After that, right click on the command prompt icon, and select run as administrator.
  3. Once the command prompt windows is open, type the command below
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d X:*.*
Just replace the letter X above with your USB drive letter and press enter, all your files will be visible and accessible in just a second
Now with this guide you can be able to set your USB drive free and use freshly,
let us know if you encounter any problem within

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