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5 July 2016

How to Sign Up and Receive Your payoneer Mastercard at home with a reward of $25 free


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Working online to make money is very nice and also acceptable by any law worldwide, Money is very essential in human life especially bloggers in the field of internet, which i do believe many website owners especially bloggers are just blogging to get some cash which actually led to the downfall of bloggers.

well not working with any internet payable company and earn cash online matters, but how to get paid while leaving in Nigeria without any stress is the case. so as from today henceforward i do believe that, getting paid online is simple and easy as a result of the introduction of Payoneer.

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is also a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard worldwide which accept payment world wide through any means of payment.

Let me introduce to you the number one accepted  online money transfer and e-commerce payment services talking of Payoneer and also how to get its master-card while staying in Nigeria with $25 instant bonus if you received $100 payment from any company.

How to Get payoneer Mastercard with Instant reward of $25 for free

  • Make sure you have a NIN number as contain on your national ID.
  • Working email (Gmail,yahoomail e.t.c.)
To Activate & Get Instant reward of $25 

It is simple just follow the bellow link and you are good to go.

Fill the form as provided then, after the account opening you will be given $25 instantly as reward when you receive $100.

Advise: computer is more preferable for the account opening considering the network problem.

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Note: after proper activation of your account and successful account opening, you will received a mail via your email address informing you on the date of the arrival of your master-card to the residential address given to them by you during the registration process, then after that you would be asked to activate your card which is done online via your account username and password on their website, and its the final stage then you are good to go

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  1. Boss at the final stage 4/4 when it was written all most done I mistakenly close the tap..what do I do now

  2. well there are two conditions.
    1.if you recieve any cingratulatory mail from payoneer then your application is submitted and you dont have any problem just wait for your card arrival.
    2.if it happens that you dont recieve a mail regarding to the issue then i suggest you should reapply again via same link and same details, why because you quick the application process while its still in progress and as such your application will not be submitted. if you try reapplying you are told that "this user is orady exist then try it with another email address.

  3. Please Boss how can I a get a verify PayPal account most international merchant are using that..

  4. Please boss I read this in one site but I have not gotten mine ...You will be given a US Payment Service Information such as Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number and Account Type. And
    Secondly how do I deposit into my payoneer account?

    1. yeah all the information you listed will be automatically given to you as soon as you received the payoneer card and activate it, you don't deposit into payoneer account but you can only received money and use the ATM to withdraw, that the only method of funding your payoneer account

  5. Boss is there anyway you can help me with the opening of PayPal and linking it with payoneer

  6. Then also boss which way or means can I get USA phone no that be configured to ring on my local line

    1. you need to have at least a small fund inside your payoneer before linking it to paypal and about usa phone no. most at times it the service being provided is attach with a fee so its not actually free you can search for it online

  7. Hello, plz can yu make a post or give us a link to jobs we can do online... Thanks

  8. thanks for your contribution bro, follow this link why because your problem is solved there CLICK HERE

  9. Please the link is not opening direct me on how I can make Money online and gets paid via payoneer