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9 June 2016

How to link Your Bank Verification Number BVN with UBA United Bank For Africa

UBA customers can now link up there BVN data by just dialling some simple USSD code as explained below. As you are all aware now linking your BVN data is compulsory now to use your bank account because you can't be able to withdraw money or transact without BVN. So United Bank For Africa customers can now link up there BVN details easily without stressing yourself to go to there nearest branch. These makes them follow steps of GTbank and Firstbank in linking there BVN offline.

About Bank Verification Number BVN

The BVN is a unique number given to all bank customers in Nigeria who had their finger prints and pictures taken at bank branches around the country. Each customer’s biometric and personal data is attached to all bank accounts he or she operates whether personal or corporate. Individual customers have single BVNs no matter the number of accounts they operate in as many banks as they desire. Consequently customers are able to register for BVN in any of the banks in which they have accounts. Once they get their numbers, they are required to send them to all the banks in which they operate accounts.

How to Link BVN to UBA Account

Simply dial *919*6# on the phone number you open your UBA Account with and enter your BVN number when prompted. you can also visit there online platform to Link your BVN.

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26 November 2015

Check and Link your BVN Number to Firstbank, GTbank and other Banks

Banking without BVN is just as using internet without google as all is well but not all are well, CBN has mandate all other banks and financial institution to restrict customers account who does not enroll for BVN as from 2nd November 2015 which as a result deny many customers from withdrawing cash from their bank either at ATM, POS terminal or otherwise. BVN helps to reduce fraud, increase efficiency of banking operations and also enable customers to future credit facilities.

how to link bvn

You can simply enroll for the bank verification number at any bank branch you have an account with, some face issues whereby you operate many account with different bank and thinking of the stress to await the long queue to enrolling for the BVN at each of the bank you have an account with, you can simply help and assist yourself by just enrolling at one particular bank located near you and linking the BVN to other banks you have account with.

Well actually as we know the bank verification system was introduced to give a unique identity that can be verified across Nigerian banking industry (not peculiar to single bank) and to protect customers account from unauthorized access. Getting the bank verification number usually takes 48 hours to a week before we re-enroll again after 10 years because it will expired after every 10 years.

Without disturbing you with much noise lets look at some tip on how to link your BVN without going to the branch but before we proceed take into consideration that when your using your phone to check or link BVN, you service provider will charge you a fee of N10 airtime;

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How to check your BVN number

First of all if you enroll for the BVN you can check your BVN number by dialing

How to link your BVN to any bank via USSD


you will see a list of all available nigerian bank, select the bank you want to link your BVN with and other relevant  data as may be required to complete the process.

How to link your BVN to firstbank online

Its very simple just get this link on your browser 

how to link bvn to firstbank online

As you can see in the image above, just fill in the form with the requisite information and click submit, then you are good to go

How  to link your BVN to GTbank online

Just as the one for firstbank above go to 

hwo to link bvn to gtbank online

As you can see in the image above, just fill in the form with the required details and click submit, then you are good to go

Note: Make sure the website you will submit your BVN credentials is the real site of the bank by checking your address bar and making sure it is the site domain, that's why its highlighted in red to make you noticed and avoid phishers.

How to link your BVN to GTbank on ATM machine

Just walk to any GTbank ATM near you and slot your ATM card
  • After slotting your ATM card, enter the 4-digit pin to proceed
  • Choose the BVN linking option
  • Enter your 11-digit BVN and click proceed
  • The ATM will validate the 11-digit pin by confirming the digit to you
  • Select proceed when the digit is confirm
  • Insert your ATM pin to complete the validation and click submit
  • Then your good to go
Always keep your BVN number safe as not to disclose it to any one to protect your account from fraudulent activities

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