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20 August 2016

How to Use DC Unlocker 2 Client to Unlock your Modem

Having just DC Unlocker to unlock your locked modem is not the only issue but how to use it to unlock some modems that are proven stubborn are also success. Different kind of modems are actually in play now and the operators are putting strong measures to encrypt there modem not to support different kind of sims.

Let me be precise with you, there are some modems like E3531 online dashboard that you can't be able to unlock it for free until you buy credit from dc unlocker and before buying the credit make sure you know how many units will unlock your modem and i recommend you visiting dc unlocker home page to view the details of the credit needed and amount required.

In this post, I quickly want to show you how to use dc unlocker software to unlock modems and also to know the firmware version of Huawei e303 and any modem. You can use dc unlocker client to unlock mtn modem, glo modem, etisalat modem as well as airtel modems.

How to Check the Firmware Version of your Modem with DC Unlocker 2 Client

Before you proceed make sure you download the new DC Unlocker 2 Client
  1. Ensure you’ve installed the modem on your PC.
  2. If modem is connected to the internet, disconnect it.
  3. Close the modem interface by clicking on “File > Exit”.
  4. Leave the modem plugged to the PC
  5. Double-click the on dc-unlocker2client in the dc unlocker folder
  6. Select manufacturer of your modem from the drop-down list
  7. Set model to “Auto-detect
  8. Click the magnifying glass icon.
  9. Wait till it shows details of the plugged modem.
  10. You will see the firmware version of your internet modem in the displayed details as seen below :
how to unlock any  modem stubborn

How to Unlock your Internet Modem or Dongle with your DC Unlocker 2 Client

You can use dc unlocker to generate unlock code for your internet modem if it auto-detects the imei number of your internet modem.

Follow the instructions above.
Once dc unlocker displays details of your modem, click on “unlocking

Note: make sure you login with your  username & password that you bought credit from dc unlocker to enable you pass through this process.

how to unlock any modem with dc unlocker

Select “generate unlock code by imei"
Click “Do job

Wait for a moment till the program displays this message: unlock is successfully done.

Now you can use any SIM card on your unlocked USB modem. 

Let us know if you have any problem

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Download DC Unlocker 2 Client to Unlock Huawei, ZTE & Other Stubborn Modems

With how internet market is growing rapidly, it is imperative to have a modem and not just a Modem that will support single Sim but a universal modem that can accept different service provider sims because the data plan competition is rocking hit and fast as you can't use a single operator sim to browse for up to two months without testing other networks offer. You are using MTN to browse but when Etisalat sometimes release cheap data plan then you have to port to Etisalat in other to enjoy the offer, thats one of the benefit or advantage of owning a universal/cracked modem.

If your ZTE Modem or Huawei Modem is proving stubborn to cracked or you are having a hard time to unlock it and all efforts proved abortive, then this new DC Unlocker 2 Client will easily wipe out your tears in a bit.

You can download DC unlocker 2 client software version for free and use it to detect your internet modem before buying credits to unlock it if it is not one of those that you can use the software to unlock for free. Unlocking your data card is easy if you use DC unlocker full version.

It makes it very easy to unlock huawei, zte modems which don’t display space one can enter an unlock code generated from a dongle unlocker. If you are a Nigerian, you can use DC Unlocker to unlock 3G internet modems of MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel.

Features of DC Unlocker Software

  1. DC-unlocker is a program specialized for data card unlocking.
  2. It is the first universal data card unlocking product worldwide.
  3. It is fast ( takes 5 – 60 seconds to unlock), easy to use and functional program with clear interface.
  4. It doesn’t need any cables or adapters for unlocking. The data card can be simply unlocked in the same notebook where a PCMCIA or Express socket exists.
  5.  New models are being added regularly.
  6.  No need to select any COM ports, auto detect function.
  7.  Free updates for 1 year.

download dc unlocker client 2

How to Download DC Unlocker 2 Client

Click Here to download dc unlocker 2 client 
it a zip file, after downloading it extract it to a folder on your pc
open the software and enjoy unlocking your data cards

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