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8 November 2016

Tools To Ping Window Always on Top

Want to make a sticky Window or you want to stick an apps that has no always on top feature just like the feature found in VLC and some other similar apps too? Then, this post will discuss a tools that will let you do that in just a minute.

Below are some free tools that will help you get started.

Turbo Top

Turbo Top is a small utility that runs from the system tray. It let you stick the window or app that you want make it sticky. All you have to do is to download and install it, upon done that, then open the window or app you want to stick and open the software from the taskbar choose the window or the app and click Ok. that all.

Always On Top

Is another utility that lets you keep any window in the foreground. Upon download the application it does not need any special tweak or skill, just open the window you wish to stick and simply press Ctrl+space from your keyboard and the window will stay at top of all other windows.

Desk Pins

The number 3 and the last in the list is DeskPins. It is lightweight tool that can force any running program to stay on the top of others. Head up here to download the application its easy and simple and it does not require any special skills.

Let us know if you have another tools or any tweak that can perform the same operation as the above or found one of the above ones was useful, please use the comment box below to state it. Thanks 
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