25 June 2017

Master guid on How to flash Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115

Due to some errors and corruption of system files on android devices, most phones do have problem like hanging on logo, restarting and some times it possess the problem of auto starting of WiFi, auto starting of Bluetooth, data auto starting and installing apps automatically which is actually annoying and it causes about inability to use android device comfortably however some time its we actually faces the problem of forgetting password or pattern lock or what ever you call it on your language register.

well as today i will like to discuss on Xperia E4 dual E2115 problem so as to proffer solution to the main problem we are having on that very device so as to enjoys and rock the world of communication with the phone, because many have such problems but they have no way out to solve this problem especially the issue of password, well if you happen to be a victim of such and you are good in the field of technology(capable of using computer) you are on the right pattern toward solving your problem

As you already know the drill, your should at least have 70% charge on your phone before starting this activity and also backing up your important files are essential such as music, videos, photos and other relevant data that you don't wanna miss but if in case you can't be able to back up your data or the phone is not booting then just take a deep breathe and proceed with the flashing process below.

Requirements for Flashing or Upgrading Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 device with good battery charged
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 Stock ROM Firmware its be tested Download here
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 Flash Tool Download here
• Sony Xperia E4 Dual E2115 USB Driver Download here
1. Download all are required from above links
2. Unzip to any path you want from Zip file,
3. install WinZip in your computer
4. Copy E2115_24.0.B.5.14_RU.ftf
5. then goto drive C:\Users\Name\.flashTool\firmwares
6. and paste Stock ROM copied above
7. Open Sony Xperia Flash tool which is located at
C:\flastool then click on flash Tool it may take some time to open

8.click on the area marked bellow and then Click on fastboot.

9. then you can see the Rom pasted by you in C:\Users\Name\.flashTool\firmwares

10. Click on Flash button and wait until second windows opened.

11. Press and hold Volume Down button and Insert USB cable in your phone and wait for the driver to install.

12. Wait until the process complete
Congratulations your phone is error free.

Note: do not disconnected while device in flashing mode to avoid bricking your device.



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OnePlus Product Manager on OnePlus 5 Price, Camera Improvements, 'OnePlus 5T’, Samsung Dex

With the OnePlus 5 launching internationally and in India this week, the latest "flagship killer" from the company that popularised the term has been met with a mixed response. For one, the price is a lot higher than previous phones such as the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 2 and secondly, specific features like optical image stabilisation (OIS) aren't present either. At a OnePlus 5 India launch event in Mumbai, Gadgets 360 spoke to Syzmon Kopec, Product Manager at OnePlus, to find out more. We started off by asking about the higher price tag.

"The thing is, when we made the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, we didn't invest in marketing," says Kopec. "We didn't invest in redundant things like retailers. We thought we changed the way users gets their phones and the price worked out at some level."

"Right now we're investing on product even more and as you might have noticed, all the flagship phones are now way more expensive than they used to be three years ago," he continues. "It's strictly due to how expensive the supplies are to make a phone. Processors, screens - these are not getting cheaper with time, it's otherwise. This is how the price goes up. Still, OnePlus is cutting costs on things that aren't necessary to do like retailers." he says.

This makes it sound like the company sees celebrity marketing campaigns as necessary, even if retailers aren't.

"Core of our investment is product. We will still keep doing this," Kopec responds. "Price is an equation of costs we put into the product. We don't want to compromise quality just to keep an equal amount or lower price."

Software updates are another area where some users have felt disappointed by OnePlus in the past. For example, the company promised to support the OnePlus 2 with updates upto Android Nougat but then it backtracked, citing the lack of a software infrastructure team in place when the phone was launched. Would this be the case with the OnePlus 5?

"I'm asked frequently about OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X," says Kopec. "Whatever we can promise - and this still is a promise right? The only way to deliver it is keep supporting OnePlus 3 which we promised we'll support for two years, and OnePlus 3T for two years also. Only time can really prove if we're keeping our promise or not. Now, I can assure you that we will, but this is just another word by another OnePlus staff."

Talking about the future roadmap for the company, Kopec also suggests the possibility of a PC convergence platform, where the phone - which has an 8GB RAM variant, more than many laptops - could power a desktop computing experience.

Samsung has tried to do this with Dex for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and Microsoft with Continuum for Windows 10. Kopec says that this is something OnePlus is also considering.

"We have seen Samsung doing it. We have also see the Chinese company called Jide with Remix OS and there are a lot of opportunities," says Kopec. "We're certainly looking into it. But the most important factor, like once again, I will keep repeating this all over again, the most important factor is real daily user experience."

"We believe that while it would be super cool to show off, but the thing is, we don't have it yet because we think it's a bit of a gimmick," he adds, taking a dig at the competition. "Daily user experience of using this feature is controversial, I would say, if you know what I mean. It does not seem at this point that it's something that many users would use and benefit from. Obviously we're still a very small company. We need to be focussed on what's really important because if you try to do many things, we cannot do them well."

OnePlus 5 camera

In terms of the one thing that the OnePlus 5 is focussed on, it's the camera. According to Kopec this came out of market research the company conducted specifically for India. Despi

Download First Touch Soccer FTS 18 Apk Mod + OBB Data

Soccer games has become one of the major entertaining activities in our home today when our parents  give us access to enjoy this beautiful time we have to make sure we are always playing the latest game's. So today here is one of the latest soccer games that can change your sad mode and make you come alive.

The First Touch Soccer 2018 is a football game compatible with most Android devices because of its small size but cool graphics. It's an upgrade to the additive FTS 2017 which is widely played and enjoyed by many game enthusiasts globally so I am expecting this Mod version to be successful in 2018 as well.

Research has shown that people prefer playing soccer games more than other games but the drawback has being the file size and requirements for such games which are usually huge as in the case of PES games but first touch soccer is a game for virtually all mobile devices running Android OS.

So in case you want to download FTS 2018 apk, the OBB data or even the Mod, we have provided the link for you. It will be awesome to test this game while we wait on Konami to officially launch PES 2018. Personally, this FTS 18 is more powerful and comes with lesser size than the previous Mod version by Marvel.

Meanwhile, don't forget that First Touch Soccer is also available for iOS devices and ever since it was unveiled about 7 years ago, we have seen different mods and versions of the app to keep game lovers busy all year. Now without wasting much time, shall we go straight to the main business while we are here?


Android: v4.0 and above
1GB RAM (at least for seamless gaming experience
At least free 400MB free space on your mobile device


1. Added new songs : New FTS Mod Pes 2018 comes with new set of songs, that makes your gaming more interesting

2. Updated Uniforms: I know many of you have been waiting to play the game with New jerseys, well the wait is over, the latest FTS 2018 comes with new uniforms to match up to current standard

3. Players Updated: We both know that one thing First touch soccer lacks was the instability to upgrade and recruit new players, of course you can buy players, but not the newly added ones

4. New Stadium and better graphics: Bored playing on same ground almost always, then download the latest version now.


It requires less memory
It's fast
Plays on most Android versions and iOS devices (download link for iPhone will be provided later on this blog)
Wonderful sports music in background
Plenty of Mods to keep you busy each year
A very ambitious soccer game with lots of content and great gameplay
Players doesn't really resemble their human figures unlike in PES and FIFA games. Even Winning 11 has a better graphic. Sometimes Multiplayer mod is not supported.


>> Version: 2.0
>> Size: 75 MB for APK , 102 MB for OBB and 86.22 MB for Data


>> First of all, uninstall previous version installed on your smartphone if you have any

Download FTS 18 APK Mod

Download FTS 2018 OBB Data

Download zip file of fts 18 and extract from the folder. Download Here

After download is completed, move the APK to your memory Card (microSD)
Copy the obb folder to your Android/obb folder
Now locate the Apk Saved on your Memory Card and Install.
Finally, launch the game and enjoy.


1. After launching the game

2. Click on the last icon with a tool sign

3. A new window will open, now click on the first option that you see (Game Settings)

4. Click on the last option (which is Advanced Settings)

5. At this point, you are in the language area, just swipe left or right until you get English.

That's all friends. Please share this post so others can enjoy this game too.

3 May 2017

Free Download And Install Latest Version MegaBox HD For Android

Hello friends we hope you all are fit and fine. And guys we thank you all for coming here. So guys as we all know that megabox download is one of the best android app used by people in many countries. And I think almost everybody knows about how to download and use this app. But there are still many people who don’t know how to use this app. So for people like them today in this guide we are going to post how to use this app.
So guys as the needs for these android phones are rapidly growing daily so many useful android apps are also developing every day for the android users and this app is also one of them. The most common problem faced by the people who uses android phones is that they don’t know how to download and use these apps. So that’s why today we have decided to show you how to do this megabox hd and to use it.
Features OfMegaBox HD For Android-
So, guys, we would like to request you all to please have a look at this guide and believe me after reading this guide you will not face any problem in using this megabox. So guys you just need to follow the steps which we have shared for you below and believe me guys you are going to love them as they are very easy to understand.  You can check it out the features of this app below:-
  • You can easily enjoy the streaming on your android mobile.
  • You can easily download your favorite videos and can watch them later.
  • You will find a wide range of channels to stream.
  • This app offers downloading option also to watch them later.
  • You can watch faster streaming without buffering.
So, friends, we hope that you all have liked our this post. So guys please keep visiting here for more posts like this.
Download And Install MegaBox For Android-
So guys if you also want to use this megabox for android in your android device then we can assure you that this is the best and easiest guide for you and you will not find any other guide better than this. So I would request you to please have a look at this guide and we are sure that after seeing this you will surely be able to download and use this app easily and will not face any difficulty. So guys please have a look at this guide for this app.
  • Open the settings<<security<<Unknown sources, click on allow.
  • Now Go to the official site of megabox app and download it.
  • Now click on the latest version and install it on your phone.
  • After installing the app open the app and use it.
  • That’s all, now you can use this app on your android.
MegaBox app download can be downloaded from various platforms like android, ios and above this paragraph, we have posted an easy guide to how to download it for these platforms. So guys you just follow the steps.
How To Use MegaBox HD App For Android-
So guys as you all have seen that we have given you a guide to how to download this app in your android and now we will tell you how to use this megabox apk on your android phones. So guys to know how to use this app in your android mobile you will need to read this guide also which will tell you how to use this app easily. And this is also the easiest guide which can be easily understood by anyone.
  • First of all, go to the megabox app installed in your mobile.
  • After that click on the app to open it.
  • Now you will see many shows and channels, click on any of them.
  • After that, you will be streaming that show or channel.
  • Now you all have learned about how to use this app.

So, guys, this was our guide which was totally about megabox apk download. We hope you will all like this guide very much. We hope we have provided you the best guide which you need for this app. So guys thank you all for coming here and please keep visiting here on our website for more app guides. So guys now you can download this app on your android phones and use it also. So guys just open this app now and enjoy.

12 February 2017

How To Stop a Website From Poping Up a Notifications

Now that “Show Pop Notification” seem to be another culprit while browsing, when you visit a website especially News and shopping sites, you’ll see a pop-up telling you that the website want to show notification on your desktop. Indeed this is a great feature to we web owners because it also a source to generate traffic. But what if you (reader) found it annoying and want to block such in the feature or already subscribed and want to revoke the permission, here in this article I make a detailed steps to follow in order to disable that.

Google Chrome

Lunch your Chrome and go to Setting under the browser Menu. When it pop-up click the Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page and then click the Content Settings button under Privacy

Scroll down till you comes to Notification and then select Do not allow any site to show notification.

The website you’ve already gave them permission will still display that pop-up unless you revoke the permission. To do that you simply click on Manage Exception under Notification category, then you’ll see a list of permitted website to show notification, and then revoke the permission on the one’s you don’t like.

Opera Desktop

Go to Menu which is at top left hand corner or simple press Alt+P, when it brings a new page, simply click on Websites which is at the right panel

Scroll down carefully and you’ll see Notification then “Do not allow any site to show notification”.
To manage your permitted website, click on Manage exceptions and revokes all or the one’s you don’t like.


Once you lunch your Firefox then type the following about:config in the address bar, you’ll be warn but don’t worry just click on “I will be careful, I promise” move on.

When it brings the new page, type notification and it will bring some options. Carefully look for this dom.webnotifications.enabled and double click on it to make it false, then close you browser.

IE or Edge provides no way to escape that entirely and prevent a site from showing or asking you to show notifications. All you have do is to click on NO when a website need such permission. You can revert the setting if you change your mind in the feature. Have another way or got error on your way please use the comment box below. Thank you.

5 February 2017

How To Block a Topics You Hate In Facebook News Feeds

Sometimes you just have to dodge a certain Facebook without feeling guilty to your friend by blocking or removing someone as a friend, which is not official not allowed on Facebook to bypass those annoyed thing but lucky you, if you are using Chrome browser, there is so called Blissfully a free chrome extension that works exactly like what we said above. If there’s any word or phrase that you want to omit in your Facebook News Feeds, then this extension will handle this.

It let you choose a topics to omit from your News Feeds and those posts won’t show up at all its works like Blacklist, for instance if you’re tired of hearing politics opinions or maybe you followed someone that’s sharing adult content, Just simply type the word or the phrase and you are done.

The extension only works while you are on Facebook and using Chrome Browser. When you install it click the Blissfully icon in your toolbar then just type word or phrases and make sure to break apart to encompass the entire topic you’re trying to block.

For instance, If you don’t want see Donald Trump in your News Feed, it might be better off typing in “trump” instead of “Donald Trump” Often stories don’t necessarily don’t include first names so that topic might still appear. This rule is situational, though.

Here you have it, toy around with your word and phrasing to achieve your desired filters and make sure to refresh the page for changes to take effect. If have another way that you are sure can handle this please use the comment below and state it and keep in mind that excessive page editing via Chrome extensions slow down the Facebook website. It could use up more memory on your computer. So use it wisely.

25 December 2016

How To Get More Likes and Share Facebook

Facebook does not only retain the position of the biggest and largest social network but also one of the means of generating traffic to site/blogs. Apart from search engines Facebook remains the second best place to look out for traffic to your blogs and site. The game is so simple and easy, it just depends on how smart you are to utilize Facebook and derive huge traffic to your blog. In this article we can look out to some ways through which you can get many likes and shares from Facebook that will consequently help you get traffic for your blog.

There are many tricks and tips online through which you can explore and derive traffic to your site but believe me if you keep using tricks, then suddenly you may lose the opportunity to maintain a long lasting traffic to your site.

I believe you already know that a site/blog that doesn’t have much traffic is same as a business that commence operation without patronizers and you know for certain that this particular business without patronizers will eventually fall or comes to an end because the amount of patronization you get determines your perpetual succession, same applies with blog, no traffic no succession in blogging.


Facebook Group

Do not underestimate the power of group in Facebook even though some fellows have actually turns it in to a spamming world, posting and distributing unnecessary articles in unnecessary areas, here is how to create and maintain a good Facebook group platform;

         1)    Go to your Facebook account and create a Facebook group according to your niche (specialist area)
         2)    Add only people that has interest in what you are blogging, for instance you are blogging about medicines or health, make sure only people that has much interest in health article you are adding and make it an open group suitable for discussing matured topics, never allow someone to keep spamming and posting irrelevant links that will eventually make your member s to start leaving
        3)    Don’t only post article that are on your website, create something that will require controversial group discussion and it has to beneficial to all the members.
        4)    Make sure you block anyone you found spamming
With the above guide, it is sure way you can maximize traffic to your blog without any problem

Facebook Page

Facebook page is also one of the way to get massive traffic to your site but to do so, you actually need to have more likes on the page in question, so in this method you actually need those that have interest in your niche to like your page in other to get returns on your traffic, the only biggest suggestion I will give about Facebook page is to promote your content to targeted users and you have build a sure way to get traffic back to your blog.

When you post an article, promote it to targeted users and you will have all the likes need on your page.

Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to get huge and fast traffic is by using Facebook advertising program that will promote your content to targeted users quickly. You can decide how much to spend on Facebook ads and the amount of traffic you want to get back to your site, so actually this program is for the quick rich scheme bloggers.


Tagging friend with much friends

If need to get shares and likes easily, you have to get someone in your account who in turns have so many friends that possess interest on what you are blogging and a sure way to get more likes is by tagging him in your post or updates.

Commenting on related pages

To get likes and shares you also need to like pages that have same area of interest as yours, you just need to comment on those pages giving advice or suggestion that will improve or help your audience and by also referencing back to your site.

Contributing to pages and Group

Contributing to some pages and group will actually help you get more likes and shares back to your site which in turn yields massive traffic back to your blog; it will help explore your brand to another fresh audience.

17 December 2016

How Long An Article or Blog Post Must Be

How long should each blog post be? This is one of the most controversial question that’s always trending online by bloggers. Well, as I can say there is no official answer to the above question, but we can rely on some concept of probability and assumption about how long an article will be. This is a myth that many bloggers are arguing about because how long or short one write article determines the objective of the blog.
Now we can look at some benefit and problems attached to both lengthy and short articles to help one decide on how to write article on his/her blog and the one that is of most beneficial on the blog in use.


Writing blog post of about 1500+ words are the lengthy blog post some will consider because it will provide all the details required to the topic in discussion. Now let’s outline some benefit of writing a lengthy content;

Benefit of writing a long blog post.

SEO: search result is one of the factor that one has to put into consideration when composing a suitable blog post. SEO is everything to blog/site because it determines or ranks your site exposure to the search engine, which will then yield traffic from search result.   Writing a lengthy blog post will definitely perfect your SEO and make the blog/site gets indexed fast by search engine.

Simplicity: Long blog post usually explains information in details that will satisfies the audience reading it, hence they wouldn’t be required to ask a lot a questions in the comment. All the ambiguity aspect of the post will definitely be discussed in a lengthy blog post.

Professionalism: Writing a good comprehensible long blog post will make the blog audience know that one is professional to what he is doing, and that will also fetch some returning visitors because anything is nailed down in detail.

Traffic: Once a blog is getting indexed fast by search engine, the blog will keep getting huge traffic from search engine result page (SERP). Definitely, every blogger is after traffic and that is one nice way to get easy traffic, i.e. by writing lengthy content.

Disadvantages of Lengthy blog post

Timeliness: Writing a lengthy blog post usually takes time and effort because one has to undergo thorough research of the topic to discuss. The longer one is gathering information, the lengthier the blog post will be and hence it take a lot of time to make a good comprehensible post.

User Engagement: A blog with lengthy blog post usually, don’t have user engagement because a well known research shows that most web users don’t read blog post word to word. As a result, the post will not be shared much and one can’t get enough comments on the post.

Frequency: Lengthy blog post always take a lot of time to compose, hence that will limit one’s post frequency making it to compose just few post in a week or month.


A short blog post is a post that contains something less than 400 words. A blogger can decide to post short blog content depending upon his reason and the niche that the blog is operating. Most new blogger nowadays don’t tend to write long post as a result of insufficient knowledge on how SEO is evolving.
Now let’s look at some advantages of short blog post and to derive a conclusion.

Advantages of short blog post

Frequency: A short blog post writer can make up to 5 post a day because the content is too short, hence it will be written with much ease without sufficient details.

Visitors Commitment: Visitors that usually visit blog site that post short articles are likely to be committed and engage with comments and other stuff like sharing and liking the post.

Effortless: Short articles are actually effortless because there is no enough formatting as a result of insufficient text and that makes it very easy to compose and publish.

Problems of Short Blog Post

Zero SEO: Most short blog post doesn’t have a good SEO because the words on the post are not enough to rank it higher in the search engine result page (SERP).

Decline in Traffic: When SEO is zero, then there is certainty that the post won’t get rank higher in search engine and hence, the blog will not get much traffic from search engine.

Ambiguity: Most short blog post contains some information that are ambiguous and that will make readers not to understand what information the writer if trying to pass.


After considering the above mentioned points on both short and lengthy blog post, one should understand that writing a post depends upon the audience interest. You can write a long post to get a good rank from SEO and receive huge traffic but you will definitely lose user engagement. It is also pertinent to note that most web users don’t read blog post word to word, hence they just scan it and go, which makes it important for a blogger to make a post with headers, subheader, listing and other elements that break your post into pieces which will be suitable for skimming and scanning. The final decision is yours, depending on your interest and your audience interest.

7 December 2016

The Ultimate Guide For Meta Description Setting For Your Blog

A Meta description is an HTML and XHTML element that describes your page to search engines. While the perceived (and real) importance of Meta data has depreciated, the attribute still plays a significant role in SEO rankings. This definition was given by Word stream and it proves to be the best and simple way to describe Meta description with small words.

Meta description is an HTML or XML element which tells search engine’s crawler about the webpage. Plus it is also picked us as snippets in search result and as description when you share the post on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

How long should the Meta description be?

Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. It is best to keep Meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters.

What is the Meta title?

The Meta title is the HTML code that specifies the title of a certain web page. It appears at the top left corner of your browser when you visit a web page. In coding, the Meta title is embedded at the header of a web page, above the Meta description and Meta keywords tags.

What does a Meta description do?

The function of a meta description for your page is simple: its main purpose is to get the visitor from Google to click your link. In other words, meta descriptions are there to generate click through from search engines.


It should be around 135 to 160 characters.

There is no ‘this number is right’ in this. It depends on what Google adds to your search result and how much they want to show. Google might, for instance, add the date to an article, and that will reduce the number of characters.

It could contain structured content.

Your Meta data should have content that are structured and is best describe the entire post in about 160 characters.

It should match the content.

This is important. Google will find the meta descriptions that trick the visitor into clicking. It might even penalize the site that created the meta description. You want the meta description to match the content on the page.

Step: 1

How to Enable Meta Description for Blogger by Adding Meta Description for Home Page

First we need to enable meta description for blogger by adding one for home page of the blog. Follow these steps;
  • ·        On your blog’s Dashboard; go to your Settings > Search preferences > Meta tags > Description and click the Edit link.
  • ·        Click the ‘Yes’ radio button.
  • ·        Enter the meta description for your blog. This will appear on your homepage and other multi-post pages.
  • ·        Click ‘Save Changes’ button.

You have successfully enabled meta description for your blog and added a new meta description for you blog’s home page.

Step 2

Adding Meta Description to Each Blogger Posts and Pages

After doing the above you will see some change in your post or page editor. You will see a search description option. So; for adding meta description to each blogger posts and pages follow these steps:
  • ·        On blogger dashboard click ‘Posts’; then select a post to edit or create a new post. For adding meta dashboard in a page go to ‘Pages’ tag and select a page to edit or create a new one.
  • ·        Click on ‘Search Description’ option under Post settings. It will not appear unless you have followed the step one above
  • ·        Enter the Meta description for the post and click ‘Done’.

You have to go edit each post manually for adding meta description in older posts.

Lucky you if you’re using Wordpress there’s a plugin called Yoast SEO. So by installing this plugin you’ll have the whole thing in one place, all you’ve to do is to start filling the space

If you properly write a Meta description; chances are you post will be in top of the search results and more visits via social Medias. So you can understand why it is very important for your blog. Most importantly it is a vital tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)